The end of the masquerade ball, the rebirth of Turkey from its ashes… - YUSUF KAPLAN

The end of the masquerade ball, the rebirth of Turkey from its ashes…

We are passing through historical days…. These are one of the solstice times, in which history is smiling at us while being reconstructed…

The dark era of Turkey, in which Turkey had been exiled, is coming to an end… A new challenging era, in which Turkey will be involved in the history again and will be playing an important role again in the construction of the history…


History is constructed with waves. The communities and civilizations, which had withdrawn from history, will be starting the "wave-breaking" movement first. They will expand their maneuver and mobility areas…

Afterwards, they will be advancing towards the "wave-establishing" trip, where they can say, "we are also here!", interfere and change the flow of history.

The "Wave-breaking" action is a quantitative action: Dominant global structures, the walls put up in our way, will be demolished and a "sheltered area" will be constructed. This is necessary for standing against the current and starting a new current, new wave movement.

As for the wave-establishing action, it is a qualitative action.

The trip, which changes the flow of history, can only be started with the wave-establishing action: A new concept of civilization, a new concept of the world, a new concept of material and reality will be presented to humanity...


I had seen the Erdogan era as two periods over a span of 20 years, and remarked that we can see the first 10-year-long period as the "wave-breaking" phase and the second 10- year-long period as the "wave- establishing" phase.

During the first 10-year long "wave-breaking" phase, Erdogan had enlarged Turkey economically; widened Turkey"s objectives; and expanded Turkey"s objectives in a regional and global scale…

In this way, he had constructed a "protected area and an unshakable Wall"; we were able to repel inner and outer games and attacks that actually happened, thanks to that.

Pakistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt, Iraq had all been overthrown, but because of this protected wall, the global powers and collaborators had failed in overthrowing Turkey!

All of these were necessary in order for the essential trip to be operated via steady platforms.

But, the essential trip can only be actualized via unshakable, durable, rooted foundations, values and the ideas in the diameter of humanity, rather than steady substantial platforms…

Erdogan had clearly given the signals of his second 10-year long wave-establishing phase with his speeches at Anitkabir and during the handover ceremony of the Presidency.

He had drawn attention to the fact that August 28 is the beginning of Turkey returning to itself and the rebirth from its ashes…

Erdogan"s speeches were like the summary of civilization envisagements I had suggested in my article "20 suggestions for Erdogan"…

During the period after this, I"ll closely follow-up Erdogan in the matter of actualizing his promises. If I see any problems, I will badger him…


An ugly incident had happened before Erdogan"s oath-taking ceremony at the Parliament. When the CHP Group Deputy Chairman had protested the ceremony, tensions had risen in the Parliament!

Another creepy incident had been experienced with the publishing of the press conference of the CHP member, who had protested against Erdogan and thrown the Internal Regulation Manual at the TBMM Chairman. The statement aired only on the parallel gang"s media!

It"s really speechless! What insolence! Astonishing, really astonishing!

Well, but who is CHP?

CHP is a barrier, which had been the "satellite" of the global status quo for a century, the "stick that puts the nation in order" and had become a chock in front of the country"s refined youth!

A barrier against the nations" recovery!

The parallel gang had done something that is befitting them and proved that they are side by side, shoulder to shoulder with the "enemies of the nation", who are barriers against the nation!

Look, this is what Ismet Inönü had said after the war:



When we say New Turkey, it"s usually referring to a Turkey, which is becoming capitalized, liberalized, and swiftly becoming secular!

However, this is the indicator of an intellectual dispersion, which blocks the way of Muslim Turkey.

In reality, if New Turkey becomes a Turkey, which can push earthly and individual worries with the back of its hand. that lives for its principles, it can rise from its ashes and become a hope for the world, it must accomplish certain goals. Turkey must breathe for transforming principles into ideals, ideals to find their country and create their world, possess a fully equipped team with character, a rooted civilization concept and a strong road map,!


Erdogan"s historical speech at Anitkabir was sufficient for being hopeful in this matter…

Erdogan had said:

"Today is the day, where the distance between the Public and President is no more, the state and the nation had cuddled with the President elected by the public, the nation had returned to itself and Turkey had been reborn from its ashes."

August 28th had gone down in history as the day, where the stopped time had restarted.

Let today be the beginning point of our civilizations resurrection!

Let the short-, mid- and long-term preparations be made!

The difficult trip is just starting!


In brief: The Masquerade Ball is finished from now on. For two centuries, they had tried to block the water, then they tried to dry the waterbed, and make it muddy.

Whatever they do, it"s useless!

The water will flow and find its bed… That"s that…



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