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The great disaster approaching: Making Islam surrender and eliminating it

We need to engrave well in our minds this vital principle:

Religions that are no longer constant will be destroyed by the attacks of the variable ones.

The followers of religions that lose their constancy are first dragged from one side to another in front of the rough winds, and then completely wiped out of history.

During their 1,400-year history, Muslims were faced with two major civilization crises, in other words, with the danger of losing their constancy and world.

How was the first civilization crisis overcome?

The first civilization crisis began in the 10th century with disorder great enough to shake the tenets of faith, hence the constancies. It reached the end point with the Mongolian and Crusade attacks that did a great deal of damage to the Islamic world.

The first civilization crisis was overcome after a great, exhausting creed, ideological and political journeys under the leadership of Imam Ghazali, that lasted exactly two centuries and strengthened the creed and ideological destination and allowed the chance for political integration.

This tiring journey began by Ghazali first cleared the Islamic world of the pebble stones that led to the internal and outside attacks it faced in every aspect. Hence, despite being subjected to attacks both within and without, Muslims never doubted Islam.


It was the Islamic civilization that formed the spirit of the age – and at a global scale too! Hence the spirit of making breakthroughs, initiatives and the spirit capable of gathering all of humanity was present in the world in Muslims alone.

The era was Islam's child:

As the founding fundamentals of science, thought, art, morality and politics, Muslims were the only ones that introduced the principles that built “darussalaam,” or the land of peace, where everybody could live according to their own belief, thought system, moral principles as a whole, and they gifted it to all of humanity.

What caused the second civilization crisis?

The second great civilization crisis was the result of Muslims starting to doubt Islam, in other words, themselves.

The question is, why had Muslims started to doubt Islam?

Those who produced the era, who determined the spirit of the era were no longer Muslims – it was the Europeans. Furthermore, those who provoked Europeans in history were the Muslims.

Europeans – as psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung openly confessed – owed everything to the Muslims. They had taken science from the Muslims. Their philosophical forefathers had connected with the Ancient Greek thought through Muslims.

In the end, Europeans developed a great challenge with modernity that placed power in the axis: They took control over nature and invaded all continents. They launched attacks on humanity, nature and God.

This challenge was destructive. It was an attack on everything. It was not possible for any civilization to survive such an attack.

In the end, with the “arms and advertising power” they gained, as stated by Paul Feyerabend, they brought all civilizations and religions to their knees.

They brought Islamic civilization to its knees too, but not Islam! That is why, for the last century, they have been using all their strategies to bring Islam to surrender.

How can Islam be made to surrender?

Setting Muslims against one another by destroying constancies, in other words, by destroying Islam from within.

Pay attention to the 2-century-old British 'Orient issue' project

The British, who founded the capitalist global system and determined its codes and basis, are playing a key role in this process.

With the Orient Issue they formed, they first distanced Islam – a history-making actor – from history. They did this by destroying the Ottoman Empire, dividing India and redrawing from scratch the mental, cultural and political maps of the Islamic world.

The war strategy that started more than a century ago and has made pace in the last quarter-century, is to distance Muslim communities from Islam.

To achieve this, they are implementing a few strategies simultaneously:

1-Shaking the faith of Muslim communities: Opening to discussion sects and hadith, and ensuring that Prophet Muhammad is excluded.

In general the West, in particular the British know better than us – due to their Protestant history – that once you open to discussion sects and hadith, everything is going to happen so easily and quickly and the prophet of Islam is going to be excluded, and Islam is going to start to short circuit. Muslims are going to make up new religions, new Islams with fallacies such as “made-up religion.”

2-This will lead to constancy to shake, with variables replacing constancies. Instead of abiding by the religion, Muslims are going to start and shape religion to suit themselves.

3-Conclusion: It is going to become easier for Muslims to invent inauthentic sectarian conflicts among themselves.

The ahlussunnah backbone is going to be destroyed with the “made-up religion” fallacy. Hence, Muslims will have nothing left to depend on.

Anyone who desires is going to be able to make up a religion as they please, anyone who desires is going to try and defend the religious understanding they themselves invented as a “revealed religion” and even try and impose it on people. Thus, leading Muslims to start fighting one another to the death.

To sum up, communities whose foundations have been shaken cannot avoid being dragged from here to there. Communities that have lost their constancies will start replacing constancies with variables and become consumed by those variables.



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