The lion's den open again after a century, but Turkey will not become 'Andalusia' - YUSUF KAPLAN

The lion's den open again after a century, but Turkey will not become 'Andalusia'

Turkey is currently facing a huge war, whose dimensions we have not yet been able to grasp.

The West wants to finish off now what they could not a century ago. The lion's den is opened once again. The play of Turkey first being dragged to the verge of civil war, then divided and destoyed was staged.

Just as the West wiped off Andulusia from history, now, in the same way, to exile us from these lands and wipe us out of history, they launched a multilateral, comprehensive and huge attack against Turkey both within and without.

We have to repel this attack.

In this article, I am going to try and show you the kind of attack we are facing and in tomorrow's article, I am going to try and make long-term suggestions on how we can repel this attack.

Inability to realize the magnitude of the attack we are facing and not caring

There are still segments in this country that are unable to realize the magnitude of the attack we are facing both within and without or that do not care.

Those who are unable to realize the magnitude of the danger we are facing may not be considered a big problem for the time being.

However, at a difficult time period in which Turkey is facing the biggest, most frigtening attack in Republican history that is threatening our future, the segments that act like they do not care about this attack can never and in no way pay the price for this attitude.

In a period of destruction when the Ottoman Empire was eliminated, the great Ottoman civilization and caliphate was wiped out of history, the people living on these lands united against the attacks of Western emperialists to deport us from this territory and put forth a national struggle. Now, similarly, we need to unite against the attack we are facing; we need to put aside our differences rather than exaggerate them, become united in relation to our common points. Otherwise, Western emperialists will make great progress in achieving what they tried to achieve a century ago – in other words, their aims to first set us against each other on these lands, divide the country, and hence deport us from these lands. God forbid.

The 5-step attack plan pepared by the West to bring Turkey to its knees

To underline what I said and to express it in summary and in an understandable way:

The lion's den is opened again after a century.

The plan that could not be completed a century ago is in the works again to be completed now.

What is this plan?

I want to list one-by-one the games the West is playing on us:

1- Sieging Turkey from the outside:
It being Turkey's turn after the destabilization of its surrounding countries and dividing Iraq and Syria into a few pieces.

2-Bursting Turkey's nerve endings on the inside; dragging the country to the verge of social and political chaos through artificial arguments and tensions.

3-Creating religious-secular tensions, because the internal conflict that was planned in relation to the Kurdish question failed; this religious-secular conflict being turned into Alevi-Sunni tension and Turkey being dragged to the verge of civil war.

4-Causing iindignation in the people with the acts of terrorist organizations, various segments being provoked to revolt in various ways. Turkey becoming uncontrollable and intervening in civic management in Turkey.

5-And finally Turkey being divided just like Iraq and Syria, making it impossible for Turkey to undertake a civilization movement that would ensure the vacuum left from the Ottoman Empire to be filled by Turkey, which is capable of getting the countries of the region back up on their feet.

I am warning all segments, tomorrow might be too late

What I summarized in five points above to make it easy to understand is the West's plan to siege Turkey, drag it into civil war; divide and destroy it and turn it into Andulusia.

We must always remember that it is now clear that the West is going to try everything to stop and destroy Turkey.

Following the July 15 attack and in the consecutive terrorist incidents which are products of a consortium, the West very clearly and openly showed that despite Turkey being a country in certain Western institutes as a member of the Western alliance, they support terrorist organizations, not Turkey.

While this is the burning truth, while it is unavoidable for all segments of Turkey to see this danger and leaving their differences aside, unite around their common points, some segments in Turkey acting like they do not see this burning truth or like they do not care, their adding fuel to the flames is concerning in terms of our future.

If Turkey does not stand in solidarity against its nerve endings being bursted, the plan for a civil war being implemented step by step, if it gets caught up in fake "secular lifestyle" discussions, it will never be able to pick itself up and avoid suffocating and getting to the verge of destruction - God forbid.

Hence, I call all the different segments of the community to see the attacks against Turkey - which clearly seem as though they will continue - to have common sense and unite around our common points. I am warning, because otherwise, tomorrow might be too late.

But I personally think, taking into consideration the depth of our historical experience, the richness of the civilization experience we have put forth, this community has the insight that will not allow Turkey to be turned into a new "Andulusia."

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