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The postmodern process of war with Islam

The global system has been fighting against Islam since 1989. This is an insidious war that continues with postmodern methods.


The period of modern battlefields is over on a large scale. We are in the era of postmodern media wars.
They call it proxy war: First the global system surrenders the minds; then, if needed, it carries them to the battlefields.
The wars are not won on the battlefields, but in the media.

The global system hegemony first surrenders minds via the media and then fights against Islam through terror organizations.

In other words, the global system, by pretending as if it has been fighting against terrorism and by using the terror organizations, fights against Islam and tries to legitimize all these through media.

Today, I would like to share one of the articles I wrote in connection with the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center 15 years ago, with some little retouches.


After the act of terror in America, all our minds are completely confused.
There are two reasons for that: First, the act of terror experienced is a disgusting and frightening postmodern event.
And the second one is, that's why in order to understand what those are going on and what they mean, we have so much difficulty.

Ulrich Beck says “we live in a postmodern world but we still think and act with the patterns of modernism."
America has started a global war over this postmodern event and has only been targeting Islam indirectly.


Here a refined, sophisticated, tempting, misleading, confusing and cynical method has been applied. That's exactly what Umberto Eco defines as “Semiological Guerrilla Warfare.

Well, what does it mean?

It means: Without targeting Islam directly, to continue “postmodern warfare” with symbols associated with Islam.

What is wanted to be explicitly said here is: Muslims are fanatic, blood-sucking, curious strange creatures without humanitarian characteristics living in the darkness of the medieval age.

Therefore, Islam is an inhuman religion these strange creatures believe in.

People, especially the Western public, understand, perceive and consume these images.

This semiological guerrilla warfare determines people's behavior and can affect their subconscious for a long time.

Yes, Americans and Westerners do not take on Islam directly; neither do they want to, because this is quite dangerous and no one dares attempt such a thing in an era in which communications technology is so highly developed.


First, let's underline this vital truth: After the end of the Cold War, the thing the world system assigned itself as an enemy is the “Islamic threat,” which they first positioned as the “fundamentalist threat” and then the “terrorist threat.”

Well, now why has Islam been perceived and positioned as the “biggest threat” by the world order, led by America?

The reason is: Since the Ottoman Empire collapsed or was stopped, it departed the stage of history as a political, economic, cultural, intellectual and strategic actor.

But in the process after World War II, particularly after the Arab-Israel War in 1967, it was seen that Islam did not leave the stage of history; on the contrary, it was seen that Islamic statements have the potential to be the strongest and only political, social, cultural and intellectual alternate in the Islamic world.

In this process, it has also been understood that in the Islamic world secular-authoritarian statements and projects applied in tyranny by emptying and borrowed from the West did not work and began to backfire.

If Islam's getting on the stage of history again as a political, social, economic, cultural, intellectual and strategic actor cannot be stopped, it would definitely be difficult for Westerners to continue the hegemony they formed over the Islamic world. This situation could cause a fissure in the world system.


However, in this situation the Islamic world will try to figure out its own future and begin a long-lasting civilization march and never let the Westerners exploit its resources.

That's why the authoritarian/totalitarian regimes in the Islamic world are being supported and attempts are made to close all the roads that would make it possible for the people in the Islamic world to decide their own future. Two methods are applied to this end. First, Islamic statements are forced to be identified with terror and even being involved in terror by being terrorized. In the short term this method can be successful but in the long term it will fail.

That's why they apply a second and more insidious method in the long term: the project to secularize Islam.

It is something like: To reduce Islam to an issue of individual faith, just as it is in Christianity; by cancelling the political, social and cultural demands of Islam, castrating it and deactivating it.

That's why Americans (and their other secular allies), in order to be successful in the process of war against Islam, in the short and middle term, have been maintaining both a virtual and real, namely cynical, tempting postmodern war.

But this postmodern war is a method that would cause quite risky and dangerous results.

But it is seen that “the lords of the world system” have decided that there is no other option in front of them.


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