The real target is Turkey! So, what should Turkey do?

The U.S. is like a "loose cannon," you never know where it will "hit."

Following the Brexit process, the EU is now going through the collapse period.

The Donald Trump administration in the U.S. declared economic war not only against Turkey, but also against EU countries, and the EU's boss Germany.

We cannot say that relations between China and the Trump administration are well either: U.S.-China relations is a picture of the silence before the storm.

China starting to say, "Count me in too," in almost all global critical problems is an indication of this.

In the next decade, the world is going to be stage to the global tensions and conflicts between China and the U.S. administration in critical and problem areas.

Ever since the U.S. invaded Iraq in 1991 on false justifications, then invaded it again, started the "proxy wars," used Daesh to pave the way for Israel, Iran and the Democratic Union Party (PYD), prepared the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) armed wing in Syria, the People's Protection Units (YPG) as a second Israel, and finally turned Syria into a hot spot, Russia deeply settled in the region.

Russia found the opportunity to become a global power once again, and it is going to use this opportunity to the end.

During this period, there will be times when it will come face-to-face with the U.S.

Their real target is Turkey

But it seems likes the foundations of a much bigger scenario are being laid.

The U.S. and Russia appear to have decided to act together in many areas. Even though it seems like a caricature, it looks like a second Cold War is being planned.

It is clear that the U.S. and Russia are putting up a "sham fight" in many areas.

Both the U.S. and Russia need this sham fight: the U.S. will want to balance China with the Russia alliance. It will also stop the EU and try to prevent it from becoming a world power.

However, the most dangerous, most ambiguous stage of the scenario concerns us, Turkey. At the end of the day, Turkey may be cornered: the Mediterranean heating up in a surreal and scary way, all powers making military buildups in the Eastern Mediterranean is never good news.

We have to show maximum vigilance on many subjects from the invasion of Turkey to Cyprus being taken away from us with a fait accompli.

None of this is paranoia; the July 15, 2016 coup attempt was more than a coup attempt, it was also an attempt to invade Turkey.

I have no doubt that the U.S. will attack at our first moment of weakness.

We need to focus our attention on an important point seemingly miniscule which we are hence overlooking: when we say the U.S., we need to see it as a predominantly Jewish power.

Turkey is among the short- and long-term targets of the Jewish power in the U.S. Let us already comprehend that the chaos scenarios in Turkey, the breakout of terrorism, the December 17-25, 2013 judicial coup attempt, the Gezi Park events, the July 15 attack and the latest economic attack are all aimed at collapsing Turkey and that the real unseen power behind all these attacks is the Jewish force in the U.S.

Why is Turkey the real target?

Why is Turkey the real target?

Turkey challenging this global tyrant imperialist order and the likelihood that it can turn this into a reality in the long term is enough for imperialists to place Turkey on the target board.

This is a warning: in the upcoming period, Turkey is going to be put more on the target board of the actual power behind the capitalist system.

Because Turkey openly stated its civilization claims and spread its strategic goals throughout the region of a civilization. This made the Jewish force mad and it continues to do so.

Therefore, that power does not hesitate to violently use the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the PYD-PKK, Daesh and other terrorist organizations to destabilize Turkey and make it kneel.

Turkey is the real target of both powers of the global system of the Jews and the British. A Turkey that openly declared its regional and global strategy saying, "Turkey is more than just Turkey."

This is the real Turkey, actually.

This is a Turkey that has been playing the West's guard post for a century since World War II in particular, but has been determining its own destiny, route and orbit for the last decade.

This Turkey is the one that is going to create obstacles in the interests of the Jews and the British in the medium and long terms, ruin their games and make the move that will overcome our region's ill fate.

This is making the lords of the global system, the Jewish power and the British mad.

Right now, it seems like we are acting against the Jewish power together with the British, but I believe that the British are behind the terrorist incidents - including the PKK terrorist incidents - we have been experiencing in the last five to six years.

Cooperating with the British against the Jewish power is a smart strategy. But for now only. Also, we need to be very careful when doing business with the British. Very careful.

This British can do one thing while saying another.

Turkey should live within its own means

So, what should Turkey do?

It should first live within its means.

We do not have the intellectual depth to challenge the global system, nor do we have an equipped intellectual cadre, or a military, technological and strategic force.

Also, the people in the country are decaying, dissolutely becoming secularized, and rapidly falling into the pit of opportunism, conformism. The community is losing the characteristics of a community.

The secular identity, ethnic identities are becoming stronger; the Muslim identity and sensitivities, which are our sole power to help withstand all difficulties, unite the community and keep them standing tall at times of difficulty, are badly wearing out.

We are not ready yet.

Of course we are going to stand tall. Of course we are not going to surrender to threats. But we are never going to let go of foresight and sagacity.

If we do not do two things at the same time in this period, we will have great difficulty in the future:

first, we must take deep-rooted steps that will raise leading generations that will strengthen the community's Muslim identity ad sensitivities in education, culture, ideology and art, and offer us a deep-rooted civilization ideology.

We need to give the community a deep-rooted and strong Islamic spirit.

A spiritless community is doomed to lose the characteristics of a community; it will be easily directed and will have no hesitation to leave the country at tough times.

Second: We must make fast and major breakthroughs in the industries of science, technology and defense. We must develop our own defense industry, build a productive, high-tech, developing, strong economy.

We need to take these two critical steps in coordination and simultaneously. Otherwise, everything else we have done will backfire.


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