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The Three Libyas: Totalitarian, Chaotic, Stable

I have traveled to Libya twice. The first was before the Arab Spring; the second time was immediately after.

My first visit was upon the invitation of Muammar Gaddafi, along with a team of about 25 people. Every year, Gaddafi would invite the scholars, intelligentsia, and representatives of important religious groups of the Islamic world to Libya, organizing a sort of “Islamic congress.” Gaddafi continued these meetings for years.


He had a “Green Book,” his own book! Gaddafi was an important leader who activated all of Africa. It was known that Gaddafi was cooperating with Western imperialists and Soviet imperialism in efforts to shape Libya and Africa in accordance with their interests. He was criticized a great deal in this respect, and rightly so.

However, he also had idiosyncratic qualities: He wanted to bring order to his country, to the Arab world, to the African continent within the semi-Islamic theopolitical frame.

He was working with imperialists, but as he was a dictator, he also clashed with them from time to time.

Gaddafi had established a totalitarian regime; he was making life hell for his own people, and squandering his country’s resources! Despite all this, I never approved of his brutal murder! This shows how terrifying and lowly those who had Gaddafi slaughtered are.

What they did was use him like a dog, and once they were done, they eliminated him like an animal.

Are these the people who are going to bring democracy, freedom, human rights and justice to the world?

It is Western civilization that grooms and assigns such fallen dictators to the head of states, and then discards them like a rag once they are done. Such events are the indicators of Western civilization’s moral failure.

As long as they do not stand in the way, we do not want anything else as the children of this planet!


By the time I went on my second visit to the country, Libya had become purgatory. All imperialists were making plans through Libya, and showing no hesitation to set the country to fire by using terrorist organizations.

I also visited the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) in the country. Libya was one of the countries where Ikhwan’s presence was weakest. Despite Libya being neighbors with Egypt, the reason Ikhwan was so meek was Gaddafi: Islamic formations were being prevented from becoming stronger and playing a determining role in the country’s destiny through Gaddafi.

He was cast a similar role in Libya as Gamel Abdel Nasser was assigned to in Egypt: blocking off the Islamic formations in the country! Nasser, Gaddafi, the satellite kings, emirs, and slave-spirited administrators in petro-dollar sheikhdoms who sold their souls to the Western devil, were all placed as obstacles in front of Islam!

Gaddafi was both a man of the imperialists and a tyrant who would not allow dissent. These men had a single task: to prevent Islamic formations and the development of countries – and while doing this, resort to every totalitarian method known to mankind!

Following the Arab Spring set-up (I always wrote that it was a set-up back in the day and was criticized, of course), Libya was dragged to the verge of chaos and instability. Imperialists were carrying on their regional and even global showdowns through Libya.

Libya was doomed to live a life of turmoil, turned into a living hell by terrorist organizations.

Hence, the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) had a powerful presence in Libya as well. Maarif College was the only one affiliated with the Turkish state; the school’s administrators would make endless complaints. Our Libya Embassy was useless, and there were also the FETÖ schools: Striking! Impressive!


Western imperialists are in pursuit of a similar despicable scenario through putschist Khalifa Haftar, who was specially trained in Virginia in the U.S. for two decades, then deployed to the region like a ticking bomb. But this time they have the Turkey obstacle to deal with! They have to overcome the wall that is Turkey! And they are going to fail!

The Crusaders had wiped out Andalusia from history and strove with all their might to eradicate the Muslim presence in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya!

In an exclusive interview with Tunisia’s wise leader Rached Ghannouchi, he had said: “We owe the fact that we are able to preserve our religion Islam to you. All of North Africa owes it to the Turks.”

We were not able to save the Muslims of Andalusia. When Granada, the last remaining small canton from Andalusia also fell in 1492, Andalusia was wiped out of the pages of history. However, Andalusia’s heart, Cordoba, had stopped beating in 1226! At least half a century before the rise of the Ottoman Empire! The Ottoman Empire may not have been able to rescue Andalusia, but it later saved North Africa by the grace of God.

At the current point, the country promises stability and order – especially after Turkey took initiative and achieved great military and strategic successes on the ground.

Turkey is rescuing Libya a second time with the important steps taken in Libya upon the call of Libya’s internationally-recognized government.

There was no Ikhwan in the past, during Gaddafi’s term. It was intimidated. It was oppressed. When we visited Ikhwan back then at their little head office – converted from a house – I was quite upset.

Yet, as you can see, they came to power with the people’s votes, and fighting for the true independence of their country.

This cooperation between the Ikhwan leadership in Libya and Turkey is going to have a domino effect in the Arab world; with the grace of God, Turkey will show the world that it is the symbol of of hope, brotherhood, and justice. Even though we may be losing blood at home, we are making great accomplishments abroad. The success achieved oversea needs to reflect within; the public’s disintegration, deterioration must be prevented through radical decisions taken in education, culture, idea, art, and media.


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