The Western legend of Mt. Olympus has collapsed; where are children of Hira? - YUSUF KAPLAN

The Western legend of Mt. Olympus has collapsed; where are children of Hira?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world and everyday life to a standstill. Has it led people all over the world, who stayed home or were forced to, to question, “What happened to us?”

No, unfortunately not.

Perhaps we won’t be able to anticipate what the world will be life post-pandemic.

Zeus is dead; it has been long since Zeus, the god of the gods of Mt. Olympus died.

Neither Olympus’ gods nor its children died; they are changing name and place and currently settling into China.

The ideal of Olympus continues to burn bright even though its gods may change name and place, but the tragedies that took stage in Olympus are repeating themselves.


The spirit of Olympus is based on conflict; gods fight each other, as do people and colonies.

The idea of order existed in ancient Greece, of course, but this remained as an idea only and could not materialize.

The lack of a single God, the lack of monotheism prevented pagan Athens and other ancient Greek colonies from establishing an order. As they did grasp the concept of a Creator that unites, integrates, gathers at a single point, brings order to the universe and the lives of beings, that renders diversity a blessing, which is one of the essential conditions of the cosmos, it was not the cosmos but rather chaos that had control over Greek colonies.

The Greek world had close to 200 colonies spanning the Adriatic and the Black Sea. It was a monotonous world but everybody, almost every colony was busy digging the other’s grave and suffocating one another: chaos was reigning over the Greek world.

The world of Greek gods, with Zeus at the head, functioned more as the world of myth rather than that of a religion.

The war between gods reflected on life in the same way; people who immortalized themselves appeared on the scene, as did human-gods; when Prometheus stole fire from the gods, the more humankind continued to keep this fire alive, which is the source of knowledge, power, beauty, chaos, violence, et cetera, both the world and humankind’s temper continued to rise, the more the wars and conflicts between the gods on Mt. Olympus spread to the world of humans.

Tragedy was the most distinct form of conflict. The way to overcome conflict was a “false” catharsis. The conflict would not end, it was just be hypothetically overcome: rather than facing the conflict, it was thought that conflict could be escaped.

Catharsis was not a purification that took place after a clash; it was a means of displaying how to escape the conflicts in life by watching an imaginary text written in the form of a play.

In short, conflict, chaos was like the rule of life. Like the gods of Mt. Olympus, the citizens of Athens were also experiencing this chaos, this conflict in all its dimensions: life consisted of chaos. Order, balance could only be possible through the imagination and on stage.

Therefore, tragedy in the Greeks was a form of worship rather than a form of game. A connection to life was desired, but this connection was made possible through the imagination.

The point the world had reached prior to corona was similar: the world was transformed into purgatory, with soulless, mechanical relationship forms shaping life; however, the whole world was being turned into a slave of speed, pleasure, and seduction, which made humanity hold onto life and move away from it at the same time by living the catharsis of postmodern times.


Neither we nor our civilization can endure chaos; it can endure the balance, the balanced relationship, the exchange between the cosmos and chaos, between the internal and the external, between the seen and the unseen, between the spiritual and the material, between the hereafter and the world.

It is essential to reach Mecca, to establish Medina and offer to humanity a civilization of truth.

This is a journey to Mt. Hira. A journey of resistance, revival, and existence that started on Hira.

In other words, it is the journey to the civilization of truth in which the children of Hira live their own lives and reach out to others against the attacks of the Eastern and Western, Chinese and American Olympuses that turned the world into chaos and hell.

The children of Hira establish their Medina, the journey to the truth, finding the truth, and being the truth by personally experiencing this harrowing odyssey.

They realize their civilization, which offers them Mecca, the source of the creative soul; Medina, the source of the founding will; and the fruits of the Tree of Truth to humanity by setting off on a journey to knowledge/science, discovery/wisdom, and being with suffering, love, and excitement.

Post corona, we do not know if it will be the children of Eastern and Western Olympuses who produce chaos in the world, or the children of Hira who built the cosmos that will bring order to the world.

However, we know that the world needs cosmos, balance, justice, Islamic purity that saves from all viruses, internal and external purity, in short, the civilization of truth.

Therefore, the world needs us while we need the truth.

It is the perfect time to be condemned to set off on a long journey to fight to realize this principle!

If not now, when?

Then prepare well.


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