The world can't go on like this!

The world has gone off the rails.

Yemen is dying. The destruction caused by the brutal war in Yemen is particularly leading children to die of starvation. Children are dying in masses in Yemen - in masses.

The oppressed people and children of Yemen are trying to hold on to life with tree leaves. Tree leaves! And that depends to what extent they can find it.

Yemen is dying in front of the whole world's eyes; an entire nation, an ancient culture is being destroyed.

The world is watching.

Muslims are watching.

It is actually humanity that is dying.

It is Muslims who are dying.

Where, on earth, did you take freedom, where?

Yes, the world has gone off its rails.

The world has been turned into hell.

Western imperialist states are still able to prate about human rights, democracy, and freedom.

Damn your selfish law, corruptive democracy, opportunistic human rights discourse.

So-called freedom.

What freedom are you talking about?

Where on this earth did you take freedom, where?

Just tell me one place, just one place.

They are trying to invent sectarian wars

By pitting Iran, the cause of unrest, and Saudi Arabia, which you use as a puppet, against each other, by using all sorts of provocation to pit them against each other, you turned Yemen into hell.

Meanwhile, you are trying to turn the, "Look, there's a sectarian conflict in the Muslim world" plot into a reality.

You are disgusting!

Neither Iran, nor the Saudis represent the Muslim world - they cannot represent it.

Are the Saudis Sunni now? When did Wahhabis become Sunni?

We see the evil you are doing.

You are paving the way for Iran by releasing the Saudis on Iran, and paving the way for the Saudis by releasing Iran on the Saudis.

You are trying to invent a sectarian conflict in the Muslim world, and you are trying to light the fire of this conflict in the Gulf, in Syria, in Lebanon and Yemen.

You will fail!

Despite everything, you are not going to be able to start a sectarian war.

Muslims have enough foresight to avoid taking this bait.

Your evil plans are going to blow up in your face

For two centuries, you used the Saudis to invent a twister version of Islam based on the Khawarij mindset, which has no origin, and called it Salafism. Then you formed terrorist organizations and dragged the Middle East to the brinks of hell.

We know that you are now striving to turn this war in to a great sectarian war.

We will not fall for this game.

All your games are going to blow up in your face.

The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is going to expose your evil soul.

Your puppet, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is primarily responsible for the Khashoggi murder.

This is clear now.

But you are trying to say, "We are going to protect Prince Salman."

This disgusting man is finished!

There is a brutal murder here, but you continue to protect this vile man simply to maintain your business agreements with Prince Salman.

You are only laying the dynamite for your destruction

Yes, the world has really gone off the rails.

You keep silent while Yemen is dying.

You do not hesitate to take part in unbelievable murders in Syria.

You divided Iraq, which you occupied with lies of taking democracy there, and turned it into hell. You paved the way for Iran by using terrorist organizations and by provoking the Saudis.

What we are going through is proof that the global capitalist system, the selfish Western civilization, which has turned the world into hell, will bring nothing other than blood, tears, murders and massacres to the world.

You are only laying the dynamite for your own destruction.

The world cannot and will not go on like this.


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