They are making Turkey shoot itself in the foot! - YUSUF KAPLAN

They are making Turkey shoot itself in the foot!

I am now certainly sure of one thing: The July 15 attack was aimed to totally destroy this people's Islamic existence, eradicate the spiritual roots that constitute the sole source of their civilization claim. And this attack is continuing at full throttle. But we are still yet to understand what July 15 even was!

The July 15 attack is a global attack against Islam!

People are extremely concerned about whether the second phase of July 15 will happen. And rightfully so.

The burning issue is that if we fail to determine what kind of attack it was that we witnessed on July 15, we will never be able to successfully fight against the danger we are faced with.

Let us first come to realize that July 15 is a global attack against Islam. I reiterate, July 15 is an extremely sophisticated, complex, confusing and extremely well-planned attack launched against Islam by the global system.

We are face-to-face with a secular 'Crusades War'

The global capitalist system established and encoded by the British has been fighting Islam for the last two centuries. This is a secular Crusades war that has been continuing against Islam for two decades. The British have been continuing this secular Crusades war by implementing, step-by-step, the strategy known as the Eastern Question.

This is a two-stage war carried out by the British through the “Eastern Question” strategy.

This first stage was to distance Islam from history as a history making actor. They accomplished this first step by stopping the Ottomans.

Two 'parallel religions': Neo-Kharijism and FETÖ

The second stage of the Eastern Question was to distance Muslims from Islam.

They have been working for more than a century to achieve this by inventing two opposite “parallel religions” (neo-kharijism or neo-salafism and Protestant Islam) through two main actors.

This process, which was started with the invention of Wahhabism and through Kemalist fundamentalism, is a very dangerous process not yet fully comprehended by our secular and Islamic intelligentsia.

The British have succeeded at inventing the first “parallel religion” through neo-salafism, like Daesh et cetera, which is based on the khariji mentality through Wahhabism, which associates Islam with violence and terrorism. So much so, that the khariji mentality became the Muslim communities' backbone for the first time in the history of the Islamic world. This is an extremely dangerous process in terms of the future of Islam.

As a result, they made great progress in terms of getting the masses to hate Islam and distance themselves from it through organizations such as Daesh, which claim to have established a so-called “Islamic State.”

July 15 was the activation of the second parallel religion danger, which was developed during the process of distancing the masses from Islam, through FETÖ.

We are required to analyze the resulting picture very well and make a projection from this for the future. The global system is trying to transform Islam from within and bring it down.

They wanted to dynamite and end Islam's likelihood of making history once again through these two “parallel religions,” which would transform Islam.

Beware! They are trying to make us destroy with our own hands what we have to offer the world!

Let us know well that the July 15 attack is not over yet. It is a continuing attack and one that is being continued through different methods.

It is possible to summarize this attack with the following points:

1-Religious movements are being hit by using FETÖ.

2-It is being engraved in minds that FETÖ is a “religious movement,” thereby paving the way for the fossilized laic Kemalism.

3-What they want to do is eradicate the spiritual roots of Islam, which is the reason for the existence of the Turkish people.

4-Hence, they are aiming to destroy the ahlussunnah backbone that is the sole source of Islam that has made it possible for this community to make history for a thousand years and to make history once again.

The sole source continuing the existence of the ahlussunnah backbone are religious movements and especially the tasawwuf groups that form and keep alive our spiritual roots.

Of course we need to discuss the problems experienced by religious movements in the two-century civilization crisis and their weaknesses. But this is a subject for another column.

The real issue is that neutralizing tasawwuf groups means sowing dangerous seeds that will eradicate the spiritual roots of this community.

Destroying tasawwuf groups means destroying Yunus Emre, Rumi, Imam Rabbani, Imam Ghazali, the Naqshbandi tradition, Itri, Akşemseddin, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Molla Gurani, the great architect Sinan and Sheikh Galib. Destroying these founding personalities, means destroying the millennium-old architectural, artistic, aesthetic and life experience and spirit built by this community that was bred through the Quran and Sunnah.

What's most important is that, targeting religious movements in a time frame when the world is in dire need of the developed Islamic knowledge, wisdom and philosophy based on the Quran and Sunnah, the knowledgeable tradition and soul that will conquer the hearts against the danger of the khariji mentality and the Protestantism of Islam, means that we would be dynamiting our millennium-old civilization dynamics with our own hands.

This is exactly what was done to us following the July 15 attack. The treasure we have to offer the world, our spiritual roots are being destroyed.

If we overlook the destruction of our spiritual roots, this community will collapse and the idea of a civilization that is going to breed on the spiritual roots we developed based on the ahlussunnah backbone – that we are going to offer the world – will go down the drain.

I am calling on those running the country to be alert against this trap and take the necessary steps before it is too late.

Being put on the wrong train and run on it in the opposite direction

Great thinker Nietzsche had once said: “If you are on the wrong train there is no meaning to walk in the opposite direction.”

Nietzsche is talking about an important state taking form at the philosophical level, but it is as though he is talking about our century-long drift, don't you think?



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