They are trying to eradicate a thousand-year-old tradition - YUSUF KAPLAN

They are trying to eradicate a thousand-year-old tradition

The West is fighting to both distance Islam from history as a history-making player and to prevent it from coming to a position to make history again. They have been focusing all their global strategies on these two issues for the last two centuries.

World War I was started to stop the Ottoman Empire and distance Islam – as a player that shapes history – from history. In this period, all the “great powers” that were fighting one another for imperialist sharing, joined against the Ottomans.

The British in particular had a key role in both these periods.

It was the British who made the two great industrial revolutions, established the capitalist system, determined the priorities of the global system and their hegemonic strategies. That is why the British knew well that Islam was the greatest obstacle stopping the global system, hence the Western hegemony.

Two British strategies: Mental and physical invasion

Therefore, the British have developed two main strategies since the 19th century:

The first strategy was to collapse the Ottoman Empire, and hence Islam, from the inside. In this context, their fundamental strategy in the Islamic world, exclusively in the Ottoman Empire, the Arab world and India, was to take control of the minds of the Islamic world's intelligentsia and elite and an establish an inferiority complex that confuses minds, hence an infatuation with the West to take root.

The mental blindness of these Muslim elites and intelligentsia meant their slavery and captivity.

After this, it was going to be easier to realize the second strategy:

The ethnic, national and dispositional differences in the Islamic world were fueled. Wahhabism was invented. Separatist, nationalist movements that would destroy the Ottoman Empire, Muslim India and the Arab world were fed, bred and pushed forward.

This way, all the building blocks of taking physical control over the Muslim world, which was already mentally taken over through local colonialists, were laid.

Wahhabism was going to be used to bring down the doctrinal pillars of Muslim communities. Nationalistic movements would be used to divide the Islamic world politically, making it possible for them to control small artificial states and easy to provoke external movements to mushroom.

The British paved the way for Wahhabism and external logic for a reason

The point I am going to get to from here is very critical.

The results of Wahhabism were going to be more destructive than imagined. Wahhabism was going to shake the 1,200-year creed of Muslims and with this invention of nationalistic, tribalist artificial states, tearing the Islamic world into pieces and pillaging their sources would be much easier.

Once the creed collapsed, political integrity would also be easily destroyed. First, the Muslim mentality, Muslims' ability to think as Muslims would be destroyed, then the grounds to exist and live as Muslims would also be eliminated.

The British, who are the ones that built the global system and its mental codes, knew very well that the greatest obstacle in the way of the system, was, in terms of both the mental/intellectual strength and, as natural result of this, its politico-social integrativeness, Islam. The British also knew well that Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and Shintoism lacked the dynamics that would affect the hegemony of the Western capitalist system in either aspect.

Wahhabism was extremely shallow and susceptible to being provoked and hence protestantized once the creed was affected. Therefore the Westerners invented an external logic that would facilitate its use as tool to strengthen their own interests.

This external logic was made to rise to the position of the backbone of Muslim communities through various Saudi institutions for half a century. The external logic had never been able to become the backbone in the history of Islam, it was always marginal.

The British puppet Wahhabi regime spread this neo-Salafi external logic from the India-Pakistan subcontinent to the Arab world, and from there to Africa and the Balkans.

They are trying to uproot a thousand-year-old tree

The main objective of paving the way for external logic, raising it to the position of the backbone of Muslim communities for the first time in history, is to destroy the ahlussunah backbone we established based on wisdom with great pains for over a thousand years.

But why?

Because this ahlussunnah backbone based on wisdom was a founding, moving, protective and steadfast source and an unshakable shield that united and integrated the Islamic world in terms of faith, ideas and politics, that repelled all attacks against Islam.

To eradicate this source right at a time humanity needed such a source that was pure of deviations, to uproot a 1,000-year-old tradition, for two centuries, the British paved the way entirely for Wahhabism, neo-Salafism, the external logic.

Let us never forget, it was this 1,000-year-old tradition of wisdom that protected the creed.

It was this 1,000-year-old tradition that protected the ideological destination.

1,000-year-old tradition that protected political integrity.

The attacks on creed, sects, hadith, ahlussunnah backbone can be repelled again today, as it was in the past, by this 1,000-year-old tradition of wisdom.

The imperialists are besieging Turkey both from within and without so that this source does not flow again, so the Islamic world does not recover.

That's why I am saying foresight and insight.


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