Turkey is up against a despicable global siege! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Turkey is up against a despicable global siege!

Turkey is under siege…

From the south, north, east, from the Aegean…

From within…

This is more dangerous than any sort of foreign attack.



Turkey’s opposition has never been this blind!

An opposition leader, Good Party (İP) Chairwoman Meral Akşener's comparison of Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an unacceptable example of sheer carelessness and blindness. Frankly, I was shocked when I heard of it! I waited for her to make up for her error, but it did not happen. This was not becoming of Akşener. She must apologize! Or she will pay heavily at the ballot box!

I wrote in my previous article that main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılılçdaroğlu not seeing President Erdoğan as a legitimate president chosen by the people, and to add insult to injury, his constant labeling of Erdoğan as a “dictator” is also an example of sheer foolishness and ignorance.

These two examples depict that Turkey is not only under a foreign siege but a local one.

The Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) making despicable statements instead of condemning the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization, which is used by the global system as a scapegoat to destabilize Turkey from within and drive it to the verge of division, and instead of criticizing the “Armenian genocide” defamation, which is an insult to this country, is another horrific example of Turkey being besieged from within.

I am curious: Do these parties not see that they are expediting the imperialist powers besieging the country from abroad and seeking to make it kneel with this unfortunate discourse and approach they developed that is solely focused on ousting Erdoğan?

If they do not see this, if they fail to realize the plots in the country and the region, that Turkey is being besieged from all corners to prevent its attempts to recover by assuming a leading role in every aspect, then what do they see?

If they do see it, then we are faced with a much graver situation! This means that they are supporting the foreign siege with a parallel siege from within. I am unable to bring myself to even say what this signifies.

It is a shame what they are doing to this country!

Naturally, the opposition is going to criticize the government and its policies. The ruling party’s power is directly proportional to the presence of a powerful opposition.

All three examples show that the Turkish opposition may display ignorance that is capable of driving the country into purgatory. This will go down in history as a black mark in the opposition’s name, while simultaneously bode a terrifying spectacle for our country’s future.



If the Turkish opposition facilitates imperialist efforts…

Think about it…

The country’s main opposition does not see its president as legitimate! As if that is not enough, it labels its president as a “dictator,” helping the global system’s project on Turkey aimed at Saddamizing Erdoğan!


The Saddamization project is the declaration to the whole world that Turkey is being ruled by a dictator and that the country is convenient for intervention!

Is it possible for Kılıçdaroğlu or the CHP “elitocrasy” around him to be ignorant of such a project!

This is an extremely dangerous example of a country being besieged internally.

History will never forgive such a plot! Not only history but the people as well, of course!

President Erdoğan, who is considered as the “hope of the oppressed,” being associated with Israel’s  prime minister, who has blood on his hands, may be turned into a legitimization tool for making Turkey a target!

Third, the HDP standing up to make a statement using imperialist claims, saying, “Turkey needs to face the Armenian genocide,” is horrific, and contributes to the country’s internal siege.

The opposition has to be powerful. Making blind and horrific statements aimed at sieging the country from within will not make the opposition powerful. On the contrary, it will render it ridiculous and pitiful!

In brief: The opposition must not allow itself to be used or provide the means for an inside siege that will facilitate imperialist efforts aimed at sieging the country from all corners!

On the contrary, it should be standing against this, stand tall, stop imperialists in their tracks, openly declare that it stands with Turkey and that it will not feed it to the wolves!


We will stand in solidarity against the global operation!

Turkey is facing a despicable global operation!

It is surrounded from all four corners. In addition to the foreign siege, we are under siege from within as well!

Operations are underway to drive the country into chaos with the increasing number of scandals revealed one after the other, creating the perception that the country is out of control, to prepare the atmosphere for an intervention!

We cannot stand deaf and dumb to this!

We will leave aside our ideological and political differences!

As one, we will repel the global attack that will destroy Turkey!

Our homeland is at stake.

The rest is irrelevant.


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