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Turkey: the spring of peace

Turkey finally launched its long-anticipated military operation east of the Euphrates River in Syria.

The U.S., European Union (EU), Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel immediately took up an anti-Turkey position.

They’re going crazy that we aren’t going to allow the establishment of a ‘second Israel’!

Turkey had to conduct this operation even if the world’s bandits and their puppets opposed.

If we ignored the establishment of a “second Israel” that would destroy not only political maps of the region but most importantly its cultural and spiritual maps, that would serve as Israel and the West’s puppet, and function as the source of trouble in terms of the region’s future, we would be shooting ourselves in the foot.

Iran stated that it is against the operation.

Russia’s statement meant they would be running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.

Even Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made a statement condemning Turkey!

Turkey drew great reaction – and rightly so.

However, it should not be forgotten that Mahmoud Abbas is yet another puppet Israel chose to lead Palestine, a slave. He does not represent Palestine; he represents Israel! Palestine is the last place to betray Turkey!

Hence, I say, have a heart.

Some were surprised by the Arab League’s statement. We should in fact be surprised about those who were surprised!

Just as Mahmoud Abbas works as a satellite for Israel, the Arab League too is a servant of the global system’s lords!

There could be nothing more foolish than those who have no knowledge of this talking through their hats about the matter!

Erdoğan's historic speech

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan yesterday made a great speech with respect to the issue. He made to-the-point statements about Saudi Arabia and Egypt in particular!

The confidence, determination and dignity Erdoğan displayed during his speech relieved the people. Erdoğan is a man of tough times. He is a lone man. History rises on the wings of lone men. Lone men lay on a bed of nails and change the trajectory of history.

The Peace Spring Operation has the potential to redefine internal balances. Times of great crises, times of war are times when communities should look in the mirror and race towards the same goal in solidarity.

Erdoğan making a clear differentiation between terrorists and our Kurdish brothers in his speech and reiterating that Turkey’s operation in the area is in no way an invasion, that the objective is to provide peace and brotherhood in the area were very important points.

We are once more witnessing Western capitals and media carry out a total attack against Turkey and undertaking a perception operation, which presents Turkey as a “blood sucker.”

If the children of the Seljuks and children of Salahuddin support each other…

It would be great if Erdoğan made a point of underlining this note in his following statements: Whenever the children of the Seljuks and the children of Salahuddin al-Ayyoubi supported each other, they have been able to successfully repel all foreign attacks!

We are going through a very critical time in which we are all obligated to develop a collective attitude: If the children of the Seljuks and the children of Salahuddin al-Ayyoubi were to attack one another instead of supporting each other, both sides would lose – as well as our region. Our region would lose all hope of recovering ever again.

Therefore, our Kurdish brothers and sisters will never give credit to blindness such as founding a “PKK state” to serve as Israel’s satellite, which would be used to corner Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria!

We should prepare together, side-by-side, for great days ahead, to which we will march in solidarity, toward the aims of the same civilization that unites us, where we will share our sorrows and happiness more sincerely, more honestly, where we will flourish brotherhood. This should be our focus.

We can reach these beautiful, peaceful days of fraternity to the extent that we repel imperialists’ plots rather than be fooled by their games.

Peace Spring Turkey

This is possible by Turkey undertaking a “peace spring” role in every field – just like the Ottoman Empire – that will once again turn our region into a land of peace and brotherhood.

This is no fairy tale.

The Ottoman Empire achieved this spectacularly across three continents: it built the land of peace and the land of humanity for five centuries in three continents.

Now, we are going through very special times in which we need to revive and reactivate this spirit: we should be able to institute a complete sense of brotherhood inside the country and manifest the Turkey alliance.

History is calling us! We need to see this and quickly eliminate the obstacles ahead of us.

We first need to start from within; we must take control over the country internally, unite within, and focus on the same common objective.

Turkey can become a peace spring for both the region and the world again, just like the Ottomans – as long as we know how to act in this spirit.


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