Turkey's real war over its independence and future begins now...

15:02 . 13/06/2021 Pazar

Yusuf Kaplan

Yusuf Kaplan has been a frequent contributor to Yeni Şafak for years, penning columns on a variety of topics for the daily
Yusuf Kaplan

The Ottomans embraced all non-Muslims. They did not force them to convert to Islam, and they did not shy away from entrusting the state’s most critical institutions and positions to Muslims. It was The Sublime State, after all! It was a great state. A splendid state, one for the ages!

But at the first moment of weakness, they betrayed that trust: All non-Muslims, especially those of the devshirme ranks, acted together with Westerners and did not hesitate to stab Ottomans in the back.


You know this all too well: The Ottoman Empire was collapsed and shattered by scheming, rather than external attacks.

It was the devshirme networks that collapsed the Ottoman Empire from within: the devshirme who were in power at every interval!

We should have known that they would be ruthless: they played a key role in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire.

First of all, they seized control over all the institutions of the Ottoman Empire. With both the unwavering and overt support of the British and the Jews, as well as the secret and covert plotting that penetrated every part of the state.

The devshirme never thought of this country. They thought of their own interests and power! They dominate Turkey's economy! 350 families rule the fate of the whole country!

Such a small but deeply organized baronic masonic recruiting network on a global scale has taken the country captive for two centuries!

Can Abdülhamidism be used?

They are the best Abdulhamidis!

Does ittihadism get them what they’re after?

Then, they are the best ittihadists!

Can Kemalism be used?

Then, they are the best Atatürkists!


These baronic masonic networks that dominate the country's economy; they do not protect the interests of the country; They are the guardians of the global system and the interests of its lords in this country!

They direct the economy and bureaucracy!

Because they dominate the economy, both culture and art are under their control.

Since they dominate the bureaucracy, education is in their hands.

They have only one problem: to have more control over the power devices they have seized in every field. For this, clearing the wedge in front of them, that is, breaking Turkey's ties with Islam!

To cleanse education from the spirit, accumulation and traces of Islamic civilization. To dry the roots of the Islamic spirit of culture and art. To destroy the Islamic dynamics of the society by turning the rootless, soulless caricature of Western culture into a shadow culture and art, and to make their power over the economy, culture, art and education, all of which have been under their control for two centuries, indisputable.

However, when this society loses Islam, it will also lose its independence and future.

Society has not lost Islam, it has resisted to this day. The top-down, devshirme secular impositions aimed at breaking society's ties with Islam did not work, it has been backfiring ever since.

Now, the secularization process is leaving us, all of us, the whole world, on the brink of a new globalized world: the only type of corrupt and corrupting debauched popular Western culture and lifestyle has begun to dominate the whole world, and it is rapidly destroying the cultural heritage and consciousness of all societies.

Stop this! If we cannot say that, we cannot escape extinction.

Particularly us.

We say; because we are the only society in modern history that exiles, then denies and destroys its spiritual roots, cultural mindsets, values, forms of belonging, before education, culture and art.

Ours is the only self-colonizing society in this world.

This society was taken over by outsiders/Westerners; recruited from within, recruited by so-called "local" collaborators/Westerners who fell in love with their oppressor...


This country was taken from us two centuries ago.

The process began two centuries ago. There is only one way to take the country from these recruits, volunteer agents of Westerners and epistemic slaves: To protect our spiritual roots and to know the age we live in so that our claims can define the age, and therefore redefine it with our own concepts.

In short: The struggle for the future and independence that cannot be won in education, culture, art, youth, urbanism and media is doomed to be lost.

Turkey is not just drifting into chaos. Two centuries ago, when Turkey lost its civilizational dynamics in education, producing ideas, culture and art, it was thrust into philosophical and mental chaos. The political chaos that has been experienced for the last half century and has escalated in the last 7-8 years is only a symptom of that loss.

Nietzsche was a great man: You cannot even understand, let alone solve, great chaos by looking at the results.

Wittgenstein made similar observations: One can only solve deep-rooted problems with radical solutions. Otherwise, you cannot stop them from metastasizing.

The way to stop Turkey from being dragged into an absolute chaos is to deeply know both ourselves/Islam and the age we live in, rather than making political arrangements (political problems are the result), succinctly, descending to the roots and ascending to the skies...

If we can take the revolution Turkey has started in the defense industry, and extend it to other fields such as education, critical thinking, culture, art and youth, we will have taken a big step in taking the country back from the recruits.

The real great war, the real war over the independence and future of this country, begins now…

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Turkey's real war over its independence and future begins now...
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