Two-century-long British-Jewish influence will end - YUSUF KAPLAN

Two-century-long British-Jewish influence will end

The constitutional amendment package passed with 339 “yes" votes.

The two-century-long, British-Jewish-controlled, unionist, bureaucratic oligarchy that took over the state is going to end and the new Turkey that is going to take everybody under its wing today and tomorrow – like it did in the past – is going to be built step-by-step by the grace of God.

Two-century-long British-Jewish influence will be ended

Ever since the Reform era, the ropes of this country are not in the hands of the children of this country. The Ottoman Empire lost land for the first time with the treaties of Karlowitz and Passarowitz and lost its self-confidence. Şerif Mardin describes this turning point as “the Ottoman Empire's loss of status."

It lost its status, in other words, after this loss of land it lost both its determining position in the equilibrium of states and its self-confidence, which made it possible for it to make history, as well as its mental, political and strategic ground.

Hence, this led to a self-confidence crisis in the state and an ontological vacuum. The British took great advantage of this as the world power of the time and during the Reform era, they deeply influenced the Ottoman elitocracy. In other words, the British mentally took control over both the elite and Ottoman intellectuals.

The influence of the British entered a new phase through both the mental and physical control of the cadres that would directly implement the Westernization project with the founding of the Republic.

The Ottoman Empire would be eliminated to be replaced by a secular state that would abandon claims of civilization. Hence, we fought the War of Independence against the West, but lost our future by implementing every project of the West.

I always ask, “If we were going to implement the West's secularization projects, why did we fight against the West?"

This is not a simple question.

All reform attempts that were imposed ended in suicide

Once the Ottoman Empire lost its status, Turkey was dragged by its intelligentsia to reform through slogans such as freedom, equality and constitutionalism. These reforms came to life with the founding of the Republic. Turkey abandoned claims of civilization, but it also went under the control of the West.

You need to know well that all the reform movements imposed by Western countries resulted in destruction, with suicide.

The same happened to us. Turkey was no longer a history-maker country, it accepted being a vacationing walk-on in a history made by the West.

We will be cleared of our tumors and build the new Turkey step-by-step

The Ottoman Empire was a spectacular civilization experience that made it possible for people of different religious and cultural backgrounds to coexist. Thus, when the Ottomans showed weakness and withdrew from the history scene, the ropes in the country were taken over by the minority. The British- and Jewish-controlled minorities of Balkan origin controlled everything. For the last two centuries, Turkey has been under Western tutelage through civic and military bureaucracy. In the first century, the entire bureaucracy was covertly in the hands of pro-tutelage and pro-reform or neo-reformist circles that were controlled from the outside and in the second century, it was all done openly.

Now, we have reached the end of this pro-tutelage, pro-reformist oligarchic order.

Turkey is going through a tough and trying period. For the first time, the ropes in the country are going to be in the hands of the country's own native children. A new and historic period is starting. This period is going to be trying. During this period, similar to the past, we will not act upon feelings of revenge, neither today, nor tomorrow. Despite everything, we are going to embrace all different factions, conscious of the fact that we are the ummah of the prophet of mercy. Despite everything… Just like our prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, did in Medina.

If we are upright and careful, God will, by His grace, pave our path. If we hold onto foresight and insight, if we prepare well, even if it is a trying period, God will help. May Allah help us and remove the obstacles standing in front of the last fort and sustain the hope of the oppressed. Amen.


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