'War' has been declared on Turkey! - YUSUF KAPLAN

'War' has been declared on Turkey!

Let me tell you what I'm going to say at the end of the column now; the Pope's “genocide” statement and the European Parliament's approval of this “genocide” is a declaration of an unnamed war against Turkey.

We are going through a process where the history is being restructured; Westerners can see that in the next 50 years, Turkey will recover and become the sole actor that will re-shape the history of the region. Thus, they want to “choke” Turkey, while it's still at the beginning of the road.

If they can't stop Turkey, then, the risk will be inevitable for the Westerners' hegemony over the world. Because the Westerners owe their hegemony over the world to the hegemony they've established over the Islam world. When they go away from the Islam world, they will enter the process of retreating from history. Westerners had grasped it better than us.

In order for this matter to be grasped properly, we need to make a philosophy of history and present a comparative reading on the civilizations history.

Germans and the Roman heritage

First of all, you have to know these basic historical facts; for the past 1000 years, the following two actors have been making history; the Germans and us.

Germans had been active only in Europe's history. As for us; we have played a key role in the making of three continents while being located in the intersection point of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Germans were the only ones who grasped Rome's political mission; by taking the unifying, propellant power of Christianity behind them, they transferred the emperorship heritage to life.

Thus, finally, they established the Carolingian Empire and Holy Rome-German Emperor in the 9th and 10th centuries, and Germans provided an indicative role for Europe as a unifying actor.

Islam provoked Europe against history

It's necessary to draw attention to two important historical facts.

The first one is: since its birth, Christianity only managed to enter the history books after 9 centuries and started to play an indicative role in the making of history. This was only a positional role. It had established Europe. However, Christianity had also laid the codes and building blocks of Europe's destructive journey, which started with the Crusaders, reached creepy points with colonialism and imperialism, was aggressive and attacked all of humanity's civilization accumulation and would be exterminating other civilizations.

The second one is the sole propellant power that provoked Europe against history: the Islam civilization's historic march. In other words, if Islam didn't actualize a global civilization march, then Europe wouldn't have entered history.

Right at this point, in the sense of the philosophy of history, there are important points that should be remarked about from our point of view and the Europeans' way of making history, showing their existence in history and forming relations with other civilizations.

First one is: Islam developed an outstanding civilization move that managed to enter history starting from the first century it was born.

As for the second one; Islam civilization does not lean on experience that destroys and annihilates others like the Western civilization. On the contrary, the Islam civilization provides a platform, which exists with others and helps others live as they are, by staying the way they are.

The East Matter

Over the last two centuries, both the Germans and we retreated from history. For the last two centuries, Brits, who actualized two great Industrial Revolutions, have been making history.

Together with the Jews and other European powers, Brits had been indicative in stopping Ottomans.

Behind the Brits' 200-year long global hegemony, lies a long-winded strategy named “The East Matter”.

There are two essential legs of this strategy. The first one is drawing Ottomans away from Europe. They had succeeded in this.

As for the second strategy, it was being carried out step by step for the past quarter century: Drawing Muslim communities away from Islam.

They are attempting to carry out this second strategy in two ways; Protestanization, the secularization of Islam, emptying it and inventing Muslim communities, which will not object to the global system and which has the hormone that reduces religion to an individual belief matter.

The second way is splitting the Islam world in half; manifesting an artificial Shi'ite – Sunni conflict and dragging Muslim communities into a political, social, cultural and economic chaos by provoking ethnic identities.

The siege of Turkey

Right at this point, Turkey's, which will re-gather the Islam world like it did for the past 1000 years, development is crucial.

This was why the Ottomans had been stopped 100 years ago. Now Turkey, which is giving signs of re-gathering the Islam world, has been experiencing various attempts of being for the last quarter century.

The Pope's “genocide” statement and right after that the European Parliament's approval for this “genocide” is absolutely insolence! It's an important threat that aims to siege and stop Turkey, and which cannot be parried.

In the 100th year of Armenian incidents, a war has been declared against Turkey. This is an unnamed war; Diplomatic crusades.

Oh, Pope; Oh, Europe!

You are the actual blood shedders.

First, you have to give an account for your crusades, religion wars, inquisitions, witch cauldrons and bloody colonialism history!

While you completely wiped off Andalusia, you cannot declare the Ottomans, who distributed justice in the Balkans, as bloodsuckers!

Remember what Thomas Paine said; “No one can compete with the West on the matter of exterminating humanity!”



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