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Warning: The second round of July 15 is coming...

July 15 was not a coup attempt but instead an attack on Turkey.

What kind of an attack was it and what was its purpose?

This was an attack on Turkey's spiritual rising power!

It was an attack that endeavored to destroy the possibilities of Turkey having the chance to change history through a civilization walk...

An attack that endeavored to wipe out the last hope, the last fortress of the oppressed...

The role of parties in the battle against FETÖ

A very important point that should not be overlooked but unfortunately is that it looks like the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is battling the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), doesn't it?

We need to ensure that the battle against FETÖ is done carefully and strategically in order to avoid the terror organization plotting a new attack.

If AK Party does not purge FETÖ supporters from the AK Party – and from the other parties – soon, FETÖ will not take its time to start cleaning out the important anti-FETÖ figures...

The most important point of the issue is: FETÖ members have started to clean out those who are distant to the organization and those who have been battling the organization...

I will not mention names. But I will say this much: The news that comes from AK Party institutions in Anatolia are rather worrying. When I wrote about this reality on Twitter, I received reactions and information that startled me.

Therefore, firstly the conditioned FETÖ members should be cleaned out of the institutions.

Or, innocent people will be targeted, which will then lead to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan left standing without any strong figures by his side.

I ask that the AK Party and the government take my warning seriously.

Erdoğan warned those around him saying that they should be stricter on FETÖ members for many years. Obviously they did not take his warnings seriously.

The second round of July 15: Attacking religious groups and highlighting secularism!

Please take my warnings seriously so that things do not get out of control:

1- One: We should never allow Erdoğan to be left alone and them to clear out those around him. This battle will never succeed without Erdoğan. The whole world knows this!

Therefore, Erdoğan needs strong, prudent, fearless and well-equipped friends around him who do not have any worldly expectations.

2- Two: The battle on FETÖ is deviating from its aim. Secularists and the new FETÖ supporters are portraying the other religious groups (those who stopped the tanks) as target boards.

Every night on television channels the names of religious groups are uttered in a negative manner and thus they are portrayed as the new targets.

Please take note that this is the real danger! Besides these groups are targeted by two different fronts at the same time.

Moreover this is being done through theology professors. These people have the nerves to show these groups as targets and weirdly enough say, "Only secularism will save Turkey."

What is this?

Undoubtedly this is the second round of the July 15 attack.

FETÖ is not a religious group but a global puppet organization trying to change Islam!

First of all everyone, especially Erdoğan, needs to make this distinction: FETÖ is not a religious group. FETÖ is an organization posing like a religious group, which aims to protestanize Islam. This organization is a project of the global system. It is an evil organization.

Furthermore, the methods resorted to by FETÖ can never be associated with Islam. An organization that uses blackmailing, montage, tapes, lies, slander, plots, and treason cannot be an Islamic group!

A movement that is dedicated to the CIA, Mossad, the Vatican and British intelligence cannot be an Islamic group!

A movement that bombs the Parliament, drives over its people with tanks, bombs people from F-16s, tries to repeatedly assassinate a Muslim president cannot be Muslim or followers of the Sunnah – traditions and practices of Prophet Muhammad!

A hypocrite organization can never be a group that follows the sunnah!

Erdoğan, the Prime Minister and Görmez should protect the religious groups

Therefore I cannot stress more that President Erdoğan, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and Presidency of Religious Affairs head Mehmet Görmez should stand up for and defend the rights of the religious groups and orders.

It should be underlined that the Islamic world owes living in peace and calm for over a millennium to the ahlussunnah backbone founded and protected by the Seljuks and Ottomans through a millennium-long struggle and fight.

While doing this we should be extra careful not to offend our Alevi brothers and sisters.

This is all I will say for now, but I will hopefully touch upon this issue in later articles. Because this is the real issue! They are plotting to crumble the security of our history: the sunnah!

We should not forget that if religious groups and orders crumble, the followers of the sunnah will crumble too. And if this crumbles so too will the backbone of the Muslim world which has been holding us up for the past millennium.

This will then lead to our society and then the Muslim world (in the long term) falling into chaos. Thus, we will never be able to stand back up again.

I have done my duty, the rest is for our authorities to figure out... Bye for now.



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