We are going to make history over again... - YUSUF KAPLAN

We are going to make history over again...

A new world is going to be established. This is certain.

Maps are being redrawn. Political maps, cultural maps, intellectual maps, strategic maps are being reformed from scratch. Hence, huge regional and global problems are being determined once again.


All this is happening around us, in a fruitful geography of which Turkey is at the heart. This is the geography where the history of humanity was made.

History was made here in the past. In the present, it is not made here, but it is made from here… and through us!

It is not here today, because we are not here.

It was here in the past, because we were here. That is why history was made here; we were the ones who made history for 1,000 years, Muslims.

Tomorrow, it is going to be made here again. If we are here, if we recover and get back up on our feet, it will be here tomorrow, and we, as the children of this geography, will make history over again.


Roughly, for the last two centuries we have been absent, we abandoned all our claims ad that is why we have not (been able to) made (make) history for the last 100 years – we have only been vacationing in history. It is the Westerners who are making history from here and through us.

But the Westerners did not do well in their test. They turned this geography, where we built a land of peace, a land of humanity for six centuries, into hell in a century, they drowned it in blood and tears.

This was inevitable, because Western civilization has no great chain of being idea which consists of the humankind, cosmos and the Creator, with the Creator at its center. They wiped out the God idea. They riddled the cosmos with holes.

They turned the human into a desert. The degree of humans first in the modern era was a “production machine," and now in the post-modern era, they turned humans into a lower level subhuman being as a “consuming animal."


This is why the civilization of truth, which we built through our “ahsani taqwim" (creation in the best form) principle, which gives everyone the right to live, through which humankind accepted the trust and caliphate, and which established justice, rightness, peace, safety and brotherhood, was destroyed.

In place of it, the secular modern and post-modern Western civilization created a great desertification where humans tried to play God, which through time controlled, colonized and destroyed both nature and humans, which turned humans into the slaves of their evil-commanding nafs (self) by making them the slaves of speed, gratification, temptation and consumption, which first brought humanity to the brink of becoming relative and then of nihilism.

This ontological desertification ended in ontological violence: The Western secular pagan human played god and became monstrous, then it lost its throne and caricaturized both itself and god.

This time its instincts, never ending appetite for power, started to herd the Westerners. Invasions, injustice, blood and tears have been the only things it offered humanity.

It covered the desertification of humans, the existential collapse experienced by humans, their spiritual drifting away through economic, technological and financial welfare.

Humans are now holding onto life by running away from life. They are trying to hold onto life by running toward their non-deferrable desires, unrestrainable ego, tempting worldly and soulless means. The end of this is nihilism, the existential suicide of humankind.


We are experiencing nihilism all the way to the marrow in the form of economic nihilism, political nihilism and military nihilism. The economic global capitalist order, the political order and military order all work through social Darwinism: The strong oppress the weak.

The strong ones, despite all their human rights, freedoms and democracy rhetoric, are regulating the world according to the “laws of the jungle." They are invading wherever their hearts desire and see nothing wrong in committing the illegal acts they want through disguise.

All global institutions established around the world after the two world wars solely sanctify tyranny, unlawfulness, the power of power and the sovereignty of the sovereign.

Apparently colonization ended. But in the post-colonial period, it continues and is being continued after World War II, in new forms under a legal guise and through global organizations.

Friedrich Nietzche's cry a century ago sums it all up: “European civilization resembles the house of the dead. The virus is about the spread to the entire body… The desert grows… The desert grows…"


History was always made here. We withdrew for the last two centuries, which is why it is not being made here, but it is being made from here. The West knows really well that once they leave here they will not be able to make history.

They stopped the Ottoman Empire a century ago and distanced us from history. They came after we left, but through the hegemony they established here, they turned into hell not only our geography but the entire world.

Now Turkey is coming: We dodged the bullet.

If we do not make any major mistakes and prepare well for the future, we will be the ones making history over again. The West sees this. That is why surrounded us in a ring of fire.

However, cowards die many times before their death. Nature will take its course. When we come, they will leave… Turkey is going to play a determinative role in the establishment of a new world. Just like it did a thousand years ago.

The world of the future is going to be our world. The world is waiting for us, while we await the truth.

Well, are we really coming? How will Turkey, the last fortress standing, spruce up the Muslim world and will it prepare for a new walk by building roads, building dams, bridges, by building humans, by raising a leading generation that carries the burden of humanity on their shoulders?

Of course we cannot build a new world without establishing a deep-rooted education system that will raise the leading loyal, enduring generations, the new Ghazzalis, new Razis, new Imam Rabbanis, new Sinans, new Itris, who will sow the seeds of 100 years in 10 years.

Then how will this generation, that lives in this world but does not live this world, make journeys of knowledge, insight and wisdom, that will pave the path for us and humanity, be raised?

I will focus on this critical matter in tomorrow's article. Stay tuned doe tomorrow… Peace be upon you.




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