We have no time to lose; the presidential system is imperative - YUSUF KAPLAN

We have no time to lose; the presidential system is imperative

There is a lobby that opposes the evolution of the parliamentary system in Turkey. This lobby works like the spokesperson and observer of those on the outside – particularly the EU.

This lobby does not want the system to change, because on the surface, Turkey's parliamentary system is running smoothly. But it only seems that way.

Parliamentary system: Monkey business

In reality, it is nothing but deception. This is an absurd system, which is run like “monkey business,” that gives no responsibility but incredible authorities to the presidency and instead gives responsibility but no authority to Parliament, and is exploited by bureaucracy and technocracy acting as the outside's spokesperson and observer.

The president is not given great authorities, because it was thought that all presidents would be from a military background.

This tutelage regime that was founded with late President Turgut Özal, built and run against the people's will, has shattered for the first time. It literally collapsed when the people elected the president with the election of former President Abdullah Gül and especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The tutelage system virtually collapsed

Until now, the system in the country was one that managed the situation under the control of the global system. This was a directed system that had no regional or global claim.

This tutelage system virtually collapsed following the “One minute” incident in Davos in 2009. After Welfare Party (RP) leader, the late Necmettin Erbakan, Turkey set off on a path that would condition the administration rather than manage the situation, that would reflect the people's will in all institutions, that would re-remember its civilization claim and present it to the whole world, step by step, stage by stage.

On the surface, Erdoğan continued Ankara's relations with Western institutions as a member of the Western alliance. It was actually generally like this, too.

But in reality, Turkey started to swim together with Erdoğan toward another political journey outlined by Erbakan and whose global institutions were actualized. This is a challenging journey that will awaken the Muslim world from its century-long hibernation and help it achieve independence.

Path to finding Turkey's direction

The leftovers of the tutelage regime, the secular elitocracy, bureaucracy and technocracy, which are the West's extensions, see the civilization journey, which Turkey is pushing hard to take, as Turkey's changing its axis.

But this is the journey to Turkey's finding its direction. In reality, Turkey lost its axis when it abandoned its civilization claims and accepted to act as the Western hegemony's contractor as a “front country” of the global system.

Unless Turkey re-adopts its civilization claims that had allowed it to make a millennium of world history, it cannot avoid being divided and destroyed.

A new world is being established. Political, geographical, strategic regional and global maps are being redrawn. In 100 years' time, the world is going to be completely different.

It is right at this point that Turkey is at the brink of a crossroads. It is either going to re-adopt its civilization claims and play a key role as a founding player in making history, or choose to deny its entire historical depth and civilization experience, continue being a contractor of the West and as a result, be destroyed and withdraw from history.

The greatest obstacle on Turkey's path at this point is the Turkish intelligentsia, who admire their executioner and think it is an accomplishment to deny their own cultural dynamics, civilization experience and historical depth.

These secular Turkish intelligentsia, who physically live here and mentally in the West, know neither the West nor its century-old objectives and are unable to make a connection with this land and the suffering people of this land.

Turkey is key / The key is in Turkey

Global powers know much better than our foolish and parasitic intelligentsia that the key to the future form of the world is in Turkey's hands.

Hence, they are carrying out their global wars and strategies through Turkey and to stop Turkey's return.

Because in the past, we left and they came, and in the future, they are going to leave when we arrive.

The Turkish intelligentsia is foolish and parasitic enough not to see this burning truth, this is how dependent it is on the West, both mentally and spiritually.

But humanity needs a sigh of relief. We could be the ones to provide this relief once again. Us alone. Us, in other words, specifically the children of the Anatolian territory, who live with the conscience that they are carrying the burden of humanity on their shoulders, and in general, Muslims who will achieve their true freedom.

It is impossible for Turkey to attempt a civilization movement with this pro-tutelage parliamentary system that was built to prevent it from re-activating the Constitution built by the people of this country through a millennia of suffering and the spirit they found.

We have no time to lose: The presidential system is urgent.

Turkey does not have any time to lose

Unless we sow the seeds of 100 years in 10 years, everything will be over. The hopes of those who pinned their faith upon us will also fizzle.

Therefore, Turkey needs to act fast and switch to the presidential system that will give the boot to the bureaucratic and technocratic global tutelage regime, make quick decisions and apply them.

In the last 15 years to date, it grew its economy, increased its strategic goals and expanded its horizon to the geography of civilization.

This way, Erdoğan built a protected wall. This is a wall that is protected enough to repel attacks both from within and without and spoil games.

In other words, the wave was broken. As openly – and fortunately – confessed by Erdoğan, the neglected mountain of problems and mistakes in media, culture, education, urbanization and youth, can now be tackled in firmer steps, with short-, medium- and long-term developments.

It is now time to make waves. It is time to build the future step by step in rational and careful stages.

Turkey will face great global-scale difficulties and obstacles during this process. Turkey's road map and strategy during this process should be to find its direction, which will build the future and shape the flow of history, calmly but confidently, without making matters worse, step by step without making grave mistakes, to conclude its struggle for independence and the future, overcoming obstacles one by one.

Turkey's journey to finding its direction with a careful and clever strategy will relieve humanity, and become humanity's lifeline 100 years later… Surely with the grace, favor, blessing and help of Allah.

This is why we need to avoid making major mistakes and embark upon a long-winded civilization journey that will find our direction.

So, while growing economic and strategic goals on the one hand, moves that will lay the building blocks of culture, media and youth and primarily education – which has become gangrenous – make waves and be the hope of humanity, need to be made without wasting time.


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