We need to protect Turkey from suffering the same fate as Andalusia! - YUSUF KAPLAN

We need to protect Turkey from suffering the same fate as Andalusia!

Modern history represents how the secularist and capitalist Europe was established while Islam and Islamic civilization was grounded to a halt.

After centuries of painful experiences Europe finally realized that it would establish itself on the stage of history unless it shattered the world-guiding global siege of Islamic civilization.

Christian Europe lacked the intellectual and philosophical depth necessary to stop Islamic civilization in its tracks. Modern Europe could only be established by both eliminating Christian Europe and developing a powerful opposition against Islamic civilization.

Well, what did Europe need to do to achieve this?

It had to go down to its roots – in every sense. 

Yet there were no strong roots in European history; it was the history of barbaric clans.


How was modern Europe built?

 The way out was discovered by studying Islamic civilization: They could go down to the Greeks and their native roots.

 Europeans first tried to respond to the defiance developed by Islamic civilization by turning to their Latin roots. But it proved insufficient. They developed a garrulous language and verbiose discourse.

 The more Europeans learned about Islamic civilization through Andalusia, through Sicily, through scholastic-era Paris, Marburg, and Italian universities, the more they drifted away from the church and discovered the Greeks and their historical roots.

 Hegel’s invention of philosophical roots, Herder’s search for historical roots, Johann Gottlieb Fichte’s joy in finding that mythology played significant roles in both the construction of a pagan modern European identity, and the process of exiling Muslims from history.


How was Andalusia eliminated from history?

When the modern pagan European identity was established, the West kept Christianity at a distance, and found ways to both stop Muslims and drive them out of the pages of history.

 Andalusia was wiped out of history. This was not the result of Europe’s attack alone. The fight for power among the principalities in Andalusia and the failure to find a solution to this played a determining role as well. The blow struck on Andalusia when it was at its weakest state did not result in Andalusia’s collapse – it wiped it out of history.


The Ottoman Empire collapsed. Its children were colonized mentally!


We experienced a similar problem as well. The Ottoman Empire collapsed, but its children were not wiped out of history.  Something far worse was experienced in the Ottoman region; this was a two-way “operation.”

First, a mental operation was conducted to modernize the Ottomans: The Ottoman Empire was institutionally alienated from itself, and internally collapsed by the players within. All that was needed to divide it and make it withdraw from the history scene was a “kick” from the outside.

The second operation was conducted with the Republic: Mental colonization was radicalized; the country’s Muslim identity and spiritual roots, which made this land our home, was purged from the state, from all state institutions. Thus, the West could not physically colonize Turkey from the outside; Turkey internally colonized itself mentally.

Our model of modernization, secularization, distancing from Islam is the sole example of a civilization eliminating and colonizing itself by adopting the culture and institutions of the civilizations it defeated, despite being victorious against its enemies! 

This is the tragic truth we fail to see because we have been turned into epistemic slaves enamored with our executioner!

The country’s Westernization process was launched; it was attached to Western institutions; and turned into the West’s outpost. 

Turkey has been struggling to overcome this double whammy with the operations launched since late former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. The nation is sacrificing its children, one after the other – from late former President Turgut Özal to late politician Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu. All the way to Necmettin Erbakan, who was sacrificed politically and doomed to death while he was still alive. 

Now, an operation is being carried out against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey through the mafia ahead of Erdoğan’s June 14 meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden.


To protect Turkey from Andalusia's fate… 

Turkey’s existence depends on its ability to maintain its Islamic identity and spiritual roots.

We turned this land into our homeland by fighting for the sake of our Islamic ideals. Continuing to keep this land in our possession depends on our ability to keep alive our Islamic spiritual roots, the Islamic spirit that transformed us into the world’s spirit, hope for the oppressed, and nightmare for the oppressors.

The very spirit that made it possible for us to make history, the spirit that made it possible for us to resist all tribulations, the spirit that made it possible for us to make this land our home is this Islamic spirit of resistance, revival and existence.

The moment we lose this spirit, we are destined to lose our reason for being on this land, our existence, as well as the land itself.

Therefore, we must hold onto this spirit, and in order to achieve this, we must include this spirit of Islamic resistance, revival and existence in our education, culture, and art, all the while raising leading generations that will materialize this strenuous civilization journey.

Otherwise, we will not be able to escape Andalusia’s fate – God forbid!


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