We will stand tall, but always remain alert! - YUSUF KAPLAN

We will stand tall, but always remain alert!

The West wants to first cause social chaos, then push the country to political instability and then cause economic rout.

They cause everything to collapse, but couldn't manage to topple Turkey!

We should remember and make sure we remind all of the following:

In the last 10 years they brought Ukraine and Georgia down.

They paralyzed the Arab world.

And ruined Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They turned the Arab Peninsula, especially the south of Turkey into hell!

But, despite all their attempts, they could not bring Turkey down. Thank God we prevented all these attacks from affecting us.

Erdoğan put up a safeguarded wall and they were all repelled!

We were able to repel these attacks by mobilizing two dynamics: Turkey's growing economic power and our society's increasing sensitivity, self-confidence and thus its unshakable faith.

The biggest leap President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took in the last decade was Turkey's economy and growing economic power.

Turkey's economic power increasing was a result of its geo-cultural, geopolitical and geostrategic breakthroughs.

What I am trying to say is: The productive relations Turkey established with different power centers, the geo-economic, geopolitical and geo-cultural breakthroughs it made in the world, especially the civilization geography from Brazil to China, allowed it to make economic breakthroughs, too.

Ultimately, Erdoğan was economically, politically and socially backed by the people. And these people formed a wall that safeguarded Turkey against any possible attack.

Therefore, all attacks that are committed to pull Turkey down smashed into this wall and had to return to where they came from. Thus, all attacks were repelled.

We have to understand the period that awaits us and thus develop permanent and rooted strategies in all fields.

The only way out is Islamic unity

I must first say: In the long-term, Turkey cannot base its relations on the EU, the U.S., Russia, or China by being dependent on them. None of these countries can really be our friend, but they can be our ally according to conjuncture.

The Islamic Union Project can be the project that opens the roads for Turkey and our region and can change the course of history.

Turkey's economic growth is enough to drive the West crazy.

The West knows well that Turkey's economic growth will lead to it growing politically and strategically. Thus this will lead to an Islamic union and push the imperialist West out of our region!

The only way for economic growth is spiritual breakthrough

Turkey has a long way to go for this.

Before anything, we need to take these precautions: It isn't very easy to establish Islamic unity under these conditions. It isn't easy, because the Islamic world is not independent, and unfortunately it has become the slave of the West and is suffering from civil wars.

With all this, Turkey has to first make sure that its economy is unshakable and that it becomes a productive economy.

We cannot change the course of history with our economic power only.

If Turkey does not take steps that restructure its education, media, culture, art and thought, economic growth will only uncontrollably secularize the society by pulling it away from its Islamic identity. This will only mean that we shoot ourselves in our own foot!

Economic strength will enable us to stand strong.

But the only thing that will enable us to determine the course of history is Turkey restructuring its education, culture, media, art and thought. But this will take time. However, if we take too long to do this, restructuring economic growth will only cause uncontrollable secularism which will cause problems for us.

We will stand tall, but always remain alert!

Despite everything, Turkey's economy should not shatter.

Because the biggest threat we face is the threat of our economy being shattered.

We are in a ring of fire. The Balkans, Caucasus and especially the south of Turkey is very fragile and open to extraordinary chaos and invasions.

The West wants to attack Turkey's economy and bring Turkey to its knees. The terror attack in Adana is the start of this and unfortunately it is not the last one.

We should never forget that if our economy is shattered, our country will be pushed into chaos. God forbid!

The strategy we need to follow is to stand tall, but always be alert.

When I say caution/alert I mean: Turkey needs to coordinate its geo-economic and geopolitical strategies.

Once again, I would like to underline what I have been saying for the past year: Turkey needs to continue drawing its own circle, but on the other hand it needs to increase the number of its allies while decreasing the number of its enemies.




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