Western circles in Turkey are attacking Islam more than colonialists ever have! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Western circles in Turkey are attacking Islam more than colonialists ever have!

When we first started to lose our way, then our orbit two centuries ago, this country was “snatched” from us by the devshirmehs at the end of the ontological and epistemological process that followed. Thus, all corners of the country, all of its institutions are under occupation!

Turkey is not independent! It is not independent in terms of its economy. It is not independent in terms of culture. It is not independent in terms of education. It is not independent in terms of foreign affairs. A handful of masonic, secular groups, a gang comprised of a handful of devshirmehs are reigning over the country’s destiny!

Turkey was not physically colonized, but it was indeed colonized both mentally and culturally.

Our language, which is one of the founding, protective sources of Islamic civilization, our Muslim Turkish, the source of our forms of Muslim comprehension and thinking, was destroyed.

Our civilization, the pinnacle of justice and brotherhood, was insulted; our children’s historical awareness was destroyed.

Our culture was belittled; our cultural values making up the spirit of this nation, our semantic maps and dynamics were violently, ruthlessly eliminated.

Our art, our art tradition and sensitivities were destroyed. So much so that we cannot even build mosques anymore. The pitiful children of a civilization that raised a genius like the great Ottoman Architect Sinan are now building horrific arabesque mosques!

Our music was insulted and driven to the brink of extinction.

To add insult to injury, people have been turned into leashed crickets besotted with their executioner, with our mentality destroyed to the extent that we are incapable of grasping the situation, and the country’s intelligentsia doomed to mindlessness, a mind with no mentality!

The inevitable and eerie result of all this is that epistemic slaves, who are enamored with their executioner, are in control of the country’s education, culture, intellectual life, art world for the last two centuries.

Now, there is an incredible attack against Islam, our faith, which is the sole source of our civilization, our art, our values, our resistance points and our soul. There are no fortresses left standing!

The attack is bidirectional: It is coming from secular, Kemalist, Western circles, and is caused by Islamic groups’ extremely bad representation of Islam.

No colonialist, imperialist country could have caused such destruction in this country!

This is what drives one up the wall!

We are at an extremely critical threshold.

We are facing a major siege in education, media, and culture. A country in which all three fields are under occupation. In other words, we are unable to protect our gray cells, we are unable to build a mentality.

Turkey does not have a collective culture. A society’s collective culture is the very spirit that keeps that society alive, standing tall, that presents strong and deep-seated forms of resistance against all attacks, allowing it to fight adversity.

A society’s spirit is its legacy, its history; the values and semantic maps it built together, through afflictions; it is the sum of the experiences of that society alone, built through the suffering, struggles, solidarity and brotherhood of centuries, which drives those societies to make history. It is this world of common experiences woven with blood, sweat and tears that is the sole source of a society’s dynamism, vividness, liveliness, resistance, and revival.

This is what entails a society’s spirit: its depth and experience in terms of its resistance and existence, its life and keeping others alive.

The greatest evil that can be done to a society is the destruction of their collective suffering, the spirit of the experience of resistance and existence.

Do you want to destroy a society?

Then destroy its spirit, which was built on the collective and grief-filled experience of hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years.

If you destroy a society’s spirit, you can easily destroy the common values, arts, literature, and forms of speech and action that keep that society alive, standing, and together.

The origin of a society’s values, semantic world, roadmap is that society’s collective spirit, its collective culture.

The greatest disaster that can befall a society is the threat of losing its spirit, culture, sensitivities, values, and semantic maps!

We have a single option: To save the country from losing its spirit.

How will this be achieved?

By completing the pinnacle of the pyramid.

By raising and training individuals who will raise and train others.

By raising a believing and devoted leading generation.

By raising resistant, prepared, strong personalities, who know well both the world and their inner world, who are self-confident, have soul, who will pave the way for us.


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