Western civilization must also be saved from the Western threat! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Western civilization must also be saved from the Western threat!

The resurrection of anti-Islam and anti-Turkey sentiment in European countries is certainly interesting. Note: It is not “rising” but being resurrected! 

The West feels the need to concoct a fake enemy to deal with the large-scale crises that will break out post-coronavirus! 

They have been leeching on others since the beginning! 

A fake “evil,” a terrifying “other” will be invented, strengthening the hand within and thus ending tensions! 


 A barbarity called civilization! 

The French president openly, barbarically attacked Islam’s prophet of mercy with open support from former French President Nicolas Sarkozy! Their goal is to deter Algerian Muslims living in France, to ensure they leave the country if possible, and by insulting Islam, inventing a savage “other” through Islam and Algerians, to strengthen the French public and identity. 

Of course, France needs this in the global coronavirus crisis atmosphere. The post-coronavirus phase is going to hit Europe as well as France, like everywhere else! 

Therefore, the French are taking measures! 

They are using a despicable method to achieve this! 

They call it civilization! 

Yet, it is the worst form of barbarity! 

As if anti-Islam sentiment was not enough, they resurrected anti-Turkey sentiment in France and in certain other European countries. 

The number of publications and officials making statements depicting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as a “dictator” is booming. 

In addition to The Netherlands and Germany, most recently the Italian prime minister also called President Erdoğan a “dictator”! 


You can see how the West becomes barbaric whenever it gets stuck! 


The West’s two fears: Islamophobia, Turkophobia 

Two phobias were developed in the West. They are building their entire strategy based on these two fears. 

The first is Islamophobia, which has now turned into clear hostility. 

The second is Turkophobia, which has been openly and officially incensed in all European countries in the last few years, to the extent that it will suppress the first. 

Western civilization has long lost its quality of being a civilization that affords humanity certain radical, adoptable values. It has become a barbaric capitalist global system, which acts out of the fear that its reign over the world may shatter, and regulates the world with this psychopathology. It has become a monster that can sense its end is nigh! 


 The Western threat is primarily a threat to the West! 

 It is not only Western civilization’s own existence that is in danger! At the same time, itself, its own existence is, in this state, dangerous for humanity. 

 I am talking about a danger that has become a barbaric hegemony with the Western civilization threat, which transformed the world into purgatory, an unlivable place with the objective to bring order to the world depending on the sophisticated high-tech weapons it developed in efforts to extend its sovereignty. 

This is a danger never before seen in history, which destroyed the idea of God, truth, and nature, which made a hole in the ozone layer, which wiped out all civilizations, and fossilized all religions. We can, in a sense, liken this to the Mongolian danger, or the threat posed by barbaric tribes such as the Goths and Visigoths, who wrought destruction on Europe through the migration of barbaric tribes. 

 The Western civilization threat has now reached such a dimension that it will endanger the future of humanity. 

 Western civilization not only threatens the existence and future of other cultures, civilizations and religions, but also poses a threat to itself. 

 Western civilization must also be saved from the Western threat. 

 Islam is the only one resisting the attack of Western civilization. Islam’s resistance is represented by Turkey’s Erdogan who said “one minute!” to the architects, the lords of the global threat produced by Western civilization in front of the whole world, who says, “The world is bigger than five.” 

 Hence, Western barbarians are developing all their strategies to bring Islam in general to its knees, and Turkey in particular! 

 Yet, a new world cannot be established without Turkey. The West knows better than we do that a world cannot be established without Turkey. 

 If only we could get this into the heads of the "foreigners" in our midst!


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