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Westerners are continuing the 100-year-old war on Turkey

Ankara was attacked for the second time in four months. This time Ankara's heart, the administrative center of Turkey, was attacked.

This attack was a declaration of war on Turkey by evil powers.

These imperialist wild wolves aren't attacking directly. They are attacking Turkey with power wars and using organizations as puppets and tools. They aren't laying their cards on the table. They are waging war through dastardly methods.

Turkey is now the “target country” for these evil powers. But why is Turkey targeted?


Evil powers are trying to design the region through Turkey. A hundred-year-old play is trying to be staged again. One hundred years ago, these powers decided to stop the Ottoman Empire. And thus after the ultimate strike, the Empire was wiped out.

The war the imperialists waged on us a century ago aimed to stop the Ottoman Empire. If the Ottomans were stopped, the West's global hegemonies could be completed: Therefore, the Empire needed to be toppled and the rich resources they owned could be looted.

In sum, if we went, they would come. The Westerners knew this very well.

Hence, they succeeded: They wiped the Ottoman Empire off the history scene. They settled into the region: They turned the region into a bloodbath and took its resources to Europe and the West. Then they reinforced their global hegemonies through the hegemony they established in this region.


A century later, they are waging war on Turkey again. This time they aim to stop Turkey from entering the history scene as an actor pioneering and shaping the region.

They will have to leave when we come. The imperialists know this fact very well.

For this reason, they have been designing their regional and global strategies to prevent Turkey from pulling itself together and leading the countries in the region to start a walk into a fresh civilization, since the end of the Cold War in 1989.


Let's engrave this with block letters into our minds: Two actors have been writing world history for the past one thousand years: the Muslims and the Westerners.

We shaped the first seven centuries of this millennium. The West has shaped the past three centuries. The Westerners colonized all the lands and seas they set foot on, looted all the resources of the regions and exterminated the roots of the civilizations during this period.

Whereas, as the Seljuks and the Ottomans, the Abbasids and Andalusia we didn't exterminate the roots of civilizations which we gained domination over.

Instead, we communicated with all civilizations, learnt from them, nourished them, and offered them a platform where they could live as themselves, in peace.


Therefore, the Jewish philosophy, morals and law reached their peak in Andalusia.

Therefore, for the first time in history, all the different religions, cultures and civilizations lived together in harmony feeding off each other during the reign of the Ottomans.

For the first time in history, a universal, global civilization experience was developed.

A universal and global world made up from three periods, incomprehensible, unsurpassable, and because it is incomprehensible it is not understood that it is unsurpassable: Dar al Islam (the Muslim land), Dar as Salaam (land of peace), Dar al Insan (the land of humanity.)

Dar al Islam cannot be founded before Dar as Salaam is: and Dar al insan cannot be founded before Dar as Salaam is.

Neither the Chinese, Indian, Russian Orthodox civilizations nor the civilizations on the African and American continents have succeeded in establishing anything like it.

The Westerners (Greeks, Romans, Europeans and Americans) could not succeeded in establishing such a thing either; furthermore, they presented a totally opposite experience. Great historian and history philosopher Fernand Braudel explains this reality, from his experience of Western civilization - the Roman Empire - as follows:

The Roman experience has produced an “armed peace” and “military tyranny order.” All the independence discourse developed is actually a myth: The “independence” discourse in the Western civilization history, especially in the modern period, is an order of “concessions” and “interests.”

The philosophical and historical reasons Turkey has been encircled for a quarter of a century, and physically attacked in the past few years by puppets of evil powers, are hidden here: Despite using a seductive “independence, human rights and democracy” discourse, Westerners have only offered blood, tears and destruction to humanity. They have never managed to found a “land of peace” and a “land of humanity.”

We live this reality in our country and the region to the maximum.

The whole problem is, they aim to prevent Turkey from starting a historical journey in which a “land of peace” and “land of humanity” are founded for humankind.


For these very reasons, the West is developing strategies to prevent Turkey from recuperating and re-entering the international stage. Three strategies have been developed and carried into effect:

1- To stir up Turkey with terrorism; to drag Turkey to the brink of chaos, civil war, and a conflict between Alawites and Sunnis in the future.

2- To redesign Turkey's south using a Sunni-Shia conflict, thus opening the way for Iran and collapsing the “followers of Sunnah” which was built by the Seljuks and Ottomans, and which is represented by the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey today.

3- To drag the Muslim world to the brink of a faith without a sect, prophet and creed. And to incite countries to develop anti-Islamic strategies against the Muslim world.

Turkey should be careful not to make strategic mistakes, and should develop strategies to gather the support of “global powers” like China, India, Russia and Brazil.



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