What does Trump's 'We will withdraw from Syria' statement signify? - YUSUF KAPLAN

What does Trump's 'We will withdraw from Syria' statement signify?

The day U.S. President Donald Trump announced, "We will withdraw U.S. troops from Syria," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani came to Turkey and had a "long" meeting - that lasted double the planned time - with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In my article today, I am going to discuss how Trump's statement should be interpreted, and in my Sunday article, I will discuss the meaning behind Rouhani's visit.

Postmodern situation: achieving order through disorder

Time has gained momentum; an unexpected development is possible any moment.

Time is flowing in a way specific to the postmodern era in every aspect.

Politics or international relations in the postmodern world have become complex multipolar and multi-layered relationships based on reciprocal dependency.

This means chaos.

This means we are in a period in which both the world is openly dragged into chaos, and efforts are made to achieve order through disorder.

In other words, everything has become chaotic, everything has become relative in the postmodern world.

Relativism is the sole dynamic that leaves its mark on cultural relations and intellectual propositions, as well as strategic projects.

Relativism is not only a dynamic that achieves order through disorder. It is actually also a dynamic that reveals the groundlessness and the fragility of the order that lays the dynamites which can easily lead to the destruction of the said order.

The final point of relativism is nihilism, the destruction of everything.

It is denying the principles that were previously accepted.

It is today declaring invalid the agreements that were made yesterday.

Trump’s 'We will withdraw from Syria' statement should be approached with caution

Trump's statement, "We are pulling out of Syria," should be considered by taking into account the theoretic analyses and observations that reveal the zeitgeist in which we live.

In other words, no statement should be accepted as is; the context, the causes and effects need to be well examined, and a decision and an announcement should be made only after thinking over the statements made several times.

Trump's "We are pulling out of Syria" statement means that the U.S. will appear to withdraw from Syria, but in reality it has settled into Syria, and that especially from now on, it will be intervening in Syria through terrorist organizations.

In the postmodern ages, wars are no longer symmetrical; they have become asymmetrical wars. "Proxy" wars are now taking place; organizations, puppets, satellites and clowns are fighting on behalf of their masters.

This is a disgusting world.

It is a hypocritical, indecent world.

In a world as disgusting as this, countries like ours that have civilization claims - one way or another - and which the oppressed gain hope from, have a tough task. However, if we move carefully, if we see the traps and act strategically to reverse them, in the long term, we can shape the future - we can at least shape our own region's future.

Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria, even if only seemingly, is a result of Turkey's determined attitude since Operation Euphrates Shield; it is the U.S. faltering and taking a step back.

This is very clear.

But if U.S. troops withdraw from Syria, even partially, it is going to continue its plans with organizations, terrorists, hypocritical evil forces and countries that are its puppets.

Therefore, it will be beneficial to approach Trump's "We will withdraw from Syria" statement with caution, and be careful against overt and covert traps at all times.


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