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World peace depends on Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump are going to turn the world into a living hell, one that will be extremely hard to recover from. They are undermining all of humanity by branding a deal that will destroy Jerusalem, as the “Deal of the Century.”

Jerusalem: Hope, Horizon, Homeland

What is Jerusalem or what is it not? What does it represent, from past to present, to the future? Why is it suffering today?

Jerusalem is hope, horizon and homeland: it has been Mecca’s hope, Medina’s horizon and the homeland of civilization in Jerusalem.

What makes Jerusalem significant is the prophets.

Jerusalem is a founding city where truth gave life, came to life and offered life.

Muslims’ Jerusalem is an inclusive land of peace

Jerusalem is not the issue of the Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims alone. It is a matter of humanity.

Jerusalem is sacred for all three monotheistic religions.

Jerusalem means Judaism: all prophets of Judaism are equated with Jerusalem.

Jerusalem means Christianity: Jesus is the child of Jerusalem, the spirit of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem means Islam: Islam from the very beginning to eternity, in every aspect, on every dimension.

Jerusalem’s significance in terms of Islam is not related solely to it being the first sanctuary of Muslims.

It transcends that: Jerusalem is an exclusive place where only Islam brings truth to humanity, institutes justice and fairness, peace and safety at a global scale, unites all of humankind on a foundation of justice and peace.

The Jerusalem belonging to Jews and Christians is exclusionist, a nightmare

Jews claim Jerusalem belongs to them alone.

Even if not as much as Jews, Christians also consider Jerusalem as the dream homeland where a Christian utopia is possible. Therefore, every founder has named their city Jerusalem. The latest example of this is New York. New York’s former name was New Jerusalem.

Muslims are the only ones that see Jerusalem as the final means and place where humanity unites and reaches the truth.

Jews and Christians’ view of Jerusalem draws the fundamentals of faith, summarizes their historical journey, and hides the clues of the extent of their restrictive and exclusionist view of others.

Jews and Christians fight for Jerusalem to be theirs alone. Yet, Muslims fight for Jews and Christians to be themselves.

The reason for this is very clear: both Judaism and Christianity are exclusive. Islam is inclusive.

It is for this very reason that Jews and Christians have not been able to develop the formula to coexist with one another in peace.

Muslims are the only ones who developed a sophisticated, perfect formula for co-existing with other religions, cultures and civilizations in peace and security, within an order of law, fairness and justice. They realized the final example of this in Jerusalem.

Thus, history and present facts prove: Jerusalem will lose its uniting quality the moment it leaves Muslims’ hands, hence turning into a boiling cauldron. It will bleed. It will suffer.

Both history and all that has been happening in Jerusalem for the last century are witnesses to this burning truth.

Jews and the West focus on power, not the truth

The strength of Jews and the West is hidden in their sanctification of power.

Yet, Islam’s strength is based not on power but truth.

Hence, while victory is essential for Jews and the West, for Muslims the journey is essential.

This prioritization will first result in the neglect of truth and then it its loss. This is inevitable.

Throughout history, both Jews and Westerners have largely acted upon the motive to establish sovereignty; thus they pursued victory but eventually became slaves of power and did not hesitate to enslave the world. Islam sees this world as temporary and demands that Muslims do not chase supremacy in the world but seek the truth and always be on a journey to achieve this. Victory is providence.

Focusing on victory hinders one’s relationship with the truth; in time, it will fall apart and disappear.

Meanwhile, when you focus on the journey, seeking the truth in every condition and state is the sole essential rule.

Jews and Christians lost the truth.

They replaced the truth with power, with tools that produce power.

Power consumed the truth; it blinded the human mind and humane faculties; it turned life into a desert; it made humankind ungrateful while dooming it to soullessness.

This exiled humanity from the truth, destroying it in the ruthless gears of power, and turned life into hell.

Whereas Jerusalem saw the day of light solely under Muslim administration; it showed the world how different religions can peacfully and safely coexist. Yet, under Christian and Jewish administration it always turned into a place of torture.

Thus, the world will not behold peace unless Jerusalem is rescued from Zionist enslavement.


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