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World peace depends on Jerusalem

Israel’s merciless soldiers first attacked Palestinians praying the final Friday congregational prayer of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan at al-Aqsa Mosque. Then, Muslims flocked to Jerusalem. This raid neutralized the Israeli virus at Masjid al-Aqsa! 

The resistance bore fruit towards sahoor, which marks the start of fasting at dawn as Israeli soldiers finally withdrew from Al Aqsa Mosque. 

What scares Muslims is the danger that al-Aqsa Mosque may be eviscerated, because Israel has been digging under the complex for years, using the excuse of an archaeological excavation! 

Their primary objective is to bring down al-Aqsa Mosque and build a Solomon Temple instead! 

Invader Israel prepared the entire infrastructure necessary to materialize this plan! The Muslim world is devastated. If something is going to be done, Turkey will be the one to do it, once again. 



Jerusalem: Hope, Horizon, Homeland 

What is Jerusalem, what is it not; what does it represent from past to present; and why does it suffer today? 

Jerusalem signifies hope, horizon and homeland: It is Mecca’s hope, Medina’s horizon, and the homeland of civilization in Jerusalem. 

What makes Jerusalem Jerusalem is its prophets. 

Jerusalem is a civilization-building city where the truth is life, where it finds life, and offers life. 



The Jerusalem of Muslims is embracing; it is the home of peace 

Jerusalem is not the issue of Arabs or Muslims alone. It is an issue concerning the whole of humanity. 

Jerusalem is sacred for all three Abrahamic religions. 

Jerusalem is Judaism: All prophets of Judaism are synonymous with Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem is Christianity: Jesus is the son of Jerusalem; he is the essence of Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem is Islam: In every aspect, from the beginning of time to eternity, it is Islam, at all its levels. 

Jerusalem’s significance in terms of Islam is not related solely to it being the religion’s first place of worship. 

It is much beyond that: Jerusalem is an exceptional station where Islam introduced humanity to the truth, established justice and equity, peace and security at a global scale, and united all of humanity under the scope of these values.



The Jerusalem that belongs to Christians and Jews is elitist, rife with nightmares

Jews claim that Jerusalem belongs to them alone. 

Though not as much as Jews, Christians also believe Jerusalem is their promised homeland, where they can realize the Christian utopia. 

Muslims are the only ones who consider Jerusalem as the final opportunity and place where humanity can be united, where humanity is introduced to the truth. 

The perspective of Christians and Jews with respect to Jerusalem draws the boundaries of their fundamental tenets of faith, and summarizes their historical journey; it also conceals the clues to the extent of their restrictive and elitist view of others. 

Jews and Christians are fighting so that Jerusalem will belong to them alone, while Muslims strive for Jews and Christians to be themselves. 

The reason for this is quite clear: Both Judaism and Christianity are exclusivist. Islam, on the other hand, is embracing. 

It is for this reason that Jews and Christians failed to develop a formula to peacefully co-exist with others.

Muslims are the only ones who have been able to form the most developed, perfect formula to co-exist in peace and harmony, in law, justice and equality with other religions, cultures and civilizations. They realized the final example of this in Jerusalem. 

Thus, the historical and current reality proves that Jerusalem will lose its uniting characteristic the moment it leaves Muslim hands. 

It will turn into a boiling cauldron. 

It will bleed. 

It will suffer. 



If you focus on victory, purgatory is inevitable 

The secret to Jews and Westerners’ power lies in their sanctification of power. 

Meanwhile, the secret to Islam’s power lies in the fact that it relies not on power but the truth. 

Hence, victory is essential for Jews and the West, while the expedition is essential for Muslims. 

The prioritization of victory first pushes the truth onto a back-burner, then loses it completely. This outcome is inevitable. 

Both the Jews and West largely acted with the motive to establish sovereignty throughout history. Thus, they chased one victory after another. But in the end, they were overwhelmed by power, becoming slaves and, as a result, they did not hesitate to enslave the world. 

Islam sees this world as a temporary station, and demands that Muslims trace the truth and always be on a sojourn to reach it, rather than chase worldly sovereignty. Victory is God’s will. 

Focusing on victory harms one’s relations with the truth. Eventually, ties with the truth will be severed, and lost. 

Yet, when you focus on the journey, chasing the truth under every term and condition is the sole essential rule. 

Jews and Christians have lost hold of the truth. 

They replaced the truth with power and tools that produce power. 

Power consumed and destroyed the truth; it blinded the human mind and capacity; it turned life into a desert; it rendered humans ungrateful and soulless. 

This thus banished humans from the truth; it destroyed them in the ruthless clutches of power and turned life into purgatory. 

Whereas Jerusalem saw the light of day under Muslim reign alone; it showed the world how different faiths can live together in peace and security. Yet, under Christian and Jewish control, it has been nothing but a place of oppression and torture. 

Hence, the world will not know peace until Jerusalem is saved from Zionist enslavement. 

Global peace depends on Jerusalem. 


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