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“You will have the same end!” message

In Egypt, coupist Sisi's spurious court sentenced Morsi to death! It has no grounds! There is, but as usual, as it has been observed in all the dictatorships, it is absolutely spurious! This is a political sentence for death. There is even no need to say this.

The Westerners, by spoiling Sisi and opening his way by staging a coup, after Morsi's sentence to death, will harangue and clink glasses!

Unconscientiousness and hypocrisy are twin brothers!


In the 20th century, two prominent events changing the path of world history have been lived: In the beginning of the century the Ottomans were stopped. As the Ottomans that developed the latest, most sophisticated concepts and institutions of the Islamic civilization were stopped, the Westerners commanded that Islam withdrew from history.

But, a hundred years later, Islam achieved to be the strongest actor politically, socially, culturally and intellectually in the Islam world again!

The rise of Islam again had an absolute shocking impact in the West. It was seen that the secular (socialist and nationalist) regimes placed in the Islam world did not work and stood as a glued moustache.


Whatever happened, it happened after that: The cold war had been finished; in person, NATO Secretary General Willy Cleas advertised that, saying, “Islam was declared the biggest threat in front of the global system”!

And the “Islam against Islam” war strategy was developed. In the end, in order to implement this strategy, three projects were implemented step by step: The first was the identification of Islam with the terror project. The second was the“ moderate Islam Project,” and the third was paving the way for Iran, attacking the Shiites over ISIS and a project inventing a Sunni-Shiite clash to collapse the vertebra of the Ahlus Sunnah.


Let's know this well: The real target was Turkey. Turkey's strengthening was an unexpected development that turned all the plans and games of the Westerners upside down. Because Turkey was being kept under control!

But as Turkey grew its economy and strategical goals, even if it's inside could not be filled yet, by talking about a civilization move, Westerners lost their temper and pressed the button.

The Gezi “operation” and December 17 coup attempt were stepped in. But were repulsed.

Afghanistan, Iraq were invaded. The Pakistan that dared to make an atom bomb was torn to tatters!

But the people in Egypt attempted to bring Morsi into power! The global powers that could not internally and externally beat Turkey to its knees, staging a coup in Egypt overthrew Morsi! Meanwhile they paved the way for Iran with an unbelievable speed.

Both Morsi's being overthrow and paving the way for Iran to the utmost were /are the operations to besiege Turkey that is the hope for Islam world.


That's why Morsi's being sentenced to death is a message to Erdoğan, in private: in general, it is a “beware, you will have the same end!” message given to all the leaders who can rebel against the totalitarian regimes supported by the West in the entire Islam world ( Just as in Bangladesh).

Muslims must not condone having their self-respect and honor be played with and must maintain their struggle not to surrender to the global system.

Those living in Egypt in private and in the Islam world in general, must not forget the fact that Muslims' maintaining resisting against the global system is the struggle to rescue the honor of humanity that is beaten and taken under the feet!

Only the Islam world is resisting against the capitalist global system! That makes the Westerners lose their temper! That's why by punishing leaders, like Morsi, they want to chasten Muslims!


They can execute Morsis but can never obliterate! One Morsi “dies”, thousands of Morsis are born! Because Morsis do not die!


“If you kill, it is martyrdom; if you exile, it is immigration; if you send to jail, it is seclusion. Since they can say “Elhamdulillah”

Let's not forget that tyranny has never been a lasting movement. The monuments of tyranny, Rome and ancient Egypt, are graveyards now!

If there are Pharaohs, there will be their Moseses as well. Allah's promise is true, sooner or later it will definitely come true!

That's that.



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