Should we be happy about Biden’s election win?

I went through my past columns and took a look at what I wrote about Donald Trump. I realized that I was never optimistic concerning him. I criticized him, and even likened him to a tightrope walker. I found that I was not mistaken. At this point, I pondered whether I should be pleased that he lost the election. However, I realized that there is nothing to be pleased about. What good would it do to celebrate in a collapsing world order, while the U.S. established order, which wants to take the whole world down with it, remains firmly in place?

Do you really think that Joe Biden, who was brought to the forefront by the complex election system of U.S. democracy, which is presented as an example for the world, is a competent U.S. president? If so, then you are mistaken. Just as Trump, who thought he gained control over everything, could not be the U.S. president, Biden will not be able to go beyond anything other than appearing to be the president. He will not be disturbed by this either, because whoever becomes U.S. president is well aware that they will serve as a loyal servant of the established order.

Every country with established traditions, every solid structure has an established order – and it should too. This is not what we are objecting to. However, if this order is being built to destroy and devastate others, then it is a problem. Unfortunately, just as the “American Dream” was developed to destroy the dreams of others, the established order was built to destroy the established orders of other nations and states in order to keep the U.S. empire standing.

Recall the time when Barack Obama was elected as a Black Democrat – and, in fact, Muslim-origin – president. Recall the speech he made in Istanbul, with the Ortaköy Mosque in the background. Think about how he pumped hope into Turkey and the Muslim world. But what happened later? The Muslim world experienced perhaps its worst years, its most unfortunate times in recent history.

Almost no Muslim country, from Afghanistan to Iraq, had any lack of bloodshed and tears. In other words, his being Black and having Muslim roots made no difference.

Obama was the one who paved the way to everything the Republican tightrope act Trump did in favor of Israel and, in fact, the proclamation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. Moreover, the “nongovernmental organization” definition, which implicitly legitimized terrorism and the terrorist organizations that are supported underhandedly and spread throughout the whole world for the sake of protecting U.S. interests, also emerged during his term. Also, just before bidding farewell to presidency, he prepared the JUSTA law, which would enable Trump to enslave Saudi Arabia through blackmail.

Biden is not a beginning but a result. Therefore, his election or U.S. elections concern other parts of the world, and particularly the Muslim world, more than the American public.

As a Democrat, to what extent will Biden want the welfare and unity he pledged for the American public in his speech during and after the election for the rest of the world?

For example, will he be able to end the ambitions of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who is not thrilled about his election? Will he disregard the disgrace called the “Deal of the Century,” which insults and ignores Palestinians? Will he have a say regarding the status of Jerusalem – which is of great significance to them as well as strict Catholics? Will he be able to put an end to Israel’s illegal settlements and plans to annex Ramallah, and return Golan Heights to its rightful owners? Will Biden, who said he will return to the Paris Climate Accord, pleasing environmentalists, save 2 million Gazans from imprisonment?

If only we could have cherished hope for all this and be happy today like his supporters. Yet, upcoming events cast their shadows before occurring, do they not? His statements against Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan even before becoming president, in fact, his unethical intentions, his support for Armenia instead of siding with peace and justice regarding the Armenian attacks taking place in front of the world’s eyes, and many other signs do not allow us to even smile, let alone be pleased. In fact, the history of the vice president, which is presented as a first in history, further increases our assumptions.

Can we not care? This is not only difficult to do but also impossible. However, similar to all other empires, the U.S. empire is also headed from the top to rock-bottom.

Many countries, primarily China and Russia, have probably already started to position themselves accordingly. In this case, Turkey and its regional allies, and as a matter of fact, those that have lately become regional enemy states with foreign influence, must review their policies. This is the perfect time for it.

Turkey must review its relations with the EU and NATO.

Turkey must revise its Syria policies.

Relations with Egypt and Saudi Arabia must be re-discussed for the sake of regional peace and mutual interests.

Obviously, all those involved need to do the same thing for the sake of regional balances. In order to prevent new hegemonic powers from emerging in the region, in any case, they too must mend their ties with Turkey. There is no need for concern. Regardless of who becomes U.S. president, Turkey has a clear path ahead.

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3 years ago
Should we be happy about Biden’s election win?
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