Turkey must show the world it is self-sufficient!

ZEKERIYA KURŞUN,  Thursday 10:54, 02 April 2020

The responsibility of being human necessitates that we pay attention to and care for all our kind and, if we have the means to palliate grief anywhere in the world, share it. Of course, our awareness of being human requires that we suffer for all of humanity. Despite this, I had concluded my last article saying, “It is time to focus on Turkey.” This is very much like the rule on flights that in the time of necessity, you are required to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then on your child.

It is now time for Turkey.

It is time to fulfill our responsibility towards our country. It is time for Turkey, the air of which we breathe, the waters of which we drink, the resources from which we benefit, but most importantly the place we build our hopes and dream.

It is wrong to hold states alone responsible for this calamity, which has encroached on the world almost like a divine punishment, and think they can produce a solution. The impossibility of this was soon revealed anyway. States and countries that arrogantly compete with each other, claiming they have all sorts of opportunities, have all, one by one, had to declare their helplessness and turn toward God and the people.

The process we are going through, the disaster humanity is currently facing has revealed that nobody is given superiority or priority over another, that everybody is vulnerable in the face of a virus despite their pride. If those who used the movie “Private Ryan” for years to embed in our minds the idea that someone in trouble can be saved regardless of the situation are now considering that emerging from this epidemic with a death toll of 200,000 people is a huge success, I will let you fill in the blanks.

The world order, administrations and institutes, university and research centers we thought were rock-solid and steadfast failing so quickly shows that nothing will ever be the same again. Regardless of what happens, people who emerge from this virus will continue to possess their same good and bad traits. However, this time, evil traits such as vindictiveness, animosity, and ambition will go into Pandora’s Box. Yet, it will not be an easy task to keep them locked away there.

Therefore, it is now time for total re-education. It is time to let go of our bad habits, the discord and separation sown among us, our desires, whims and emotions. The solidarity we will show for our country, our nation, our environment and families is the first step in achieving this. There must be something everyone is capable of doing. However, it is imperative that efforts are organized and carried out from a single center for efficiency. The national solidarity campaign, “We are Self-Sufficient, Turkey”, which was launched by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is of extreme importance and must be supported.

Now is the time for those who have a conscience, a sense of responsibility to step forward.

Now is the time for those who accumulated capital using Turkey’s resources to contribute.

Now is the time for those who took advantage of Turkey’s human potential to establish businesses to play their part.

Now is the time for businesses, chambers, professional associations, unions and nongovernmental organizations to show themselves.

Now is the time for those who see a future for themselves in this country, who want to continue their ancestors’ legacy to take responsibility.

Now is the time for those who want to test their humanity.

Now is the time for those who want to pave the way for humanity by keeping Turkey strong to pledge support.

Come on dear, beloved Turkey, let us show the world that we are self-sufficient. Let us support the efforts to keep our people safe and alive for the sake of humanity.

It is now time to focus on Turkey.

#National Solidarity Campaign
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