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The Muslim world and Turkey 100 years after World War I

The centenary of the end of the First World War was commemorated with world leaders posing for the cameras together in Paris. After the meeting, the attitude of the leaders, rather than the destruction experienced 100 years ago and the transformation... more

Borders and flags of the Middle East 100 years on

For the Ottoman Empire, the First World War ended on Oct. 30 , while for other countries it ended on Nov. 11, 1918. Although it has been 100 years, Europe, which is responsible for the war, still spears to be under its effects, even though their prob... more

From Baghdad Railway to Istanbul Airport

A century has passed since the Ottoman Empire became history. During this period, our region has been the scene of great transformations and changes. States were established and states collapsed then a Second World War took place, but World War I con... more

Why did the Kaaba seizure take place?

On the morning of Nov. 20, 1979, an unexpected incident happens. At the moment Muslims are about to perform the morning prayer, guns fire at the Kaaba, where even the smallest argument is considered forbidden. A group, that is later found out to be l... more

What is Trump saying?

The speeches made at the 73rd U.N. General Assembly, the remarks of world leaders and their discrepant perspectives with regards to global problems indicate that we are entering a new era.On the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, th... more

Trump’s Palestine project and what was overlooked

The discourse U.S. President Donald Trump is promoting as the “project of the century,” and the contents of which is, in reality, obscure, is currently dominating the Middle East’s agenda. While the project that is claimed will settle the Palestine i... more

New era and the exigence of 'cultural construction'

There are several turning points in the history of Turkey, which was built on the legacy of the Ottoman Empire that was excluded from global politics. A new era in our history, which is marked by parliamentary governments, cabinet of ministers, singl... more

Sebastian Kurz made Hammer turn in his grave

Relations between Austria and Turkey date back to quite old times. History has witnessed the scenes of wars and lasting peace between the two sides. Austria obtained a great deal of its knowledge about the East and Islam from its relations with the O... more

Where is Palestine, where does Jerusalem stand?

Regardless of where they are, whichever region they live, Muslims share the same fate. Not only do Muslims have a common fate; their fate is also common with the other communities with which they live together. None of them have the chance to build a... more

Don’t forget Jerusalem, just don’t forget it!

May 14 will be noted in history as a black day. History will not forget those who prepared this black day and never forgive those who supported it, even by implication. Even if forgetting is the solution to everything, the remedy to Jerusalem is not ... more


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