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The Middle East, the Balkans and Alija Izetbegović

Nowadays there are elections in many places across the former Ottoman geography like in Turkey. Tunis, Lebanon, Iraq and Bosnia. As neither the Middle East nor the Balkans could achieve real peace after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Bosnian Mus... more

Iran is curious about Turkey

Turkey should be the country that knows Iran, which has been occupying the world’s agenda for years, the most. Yet, this is not true. Turkey’s knowledge on Iran and particularly its analyses that will shape Turkish-Iranian relations is next to nothin... more

Why is a US intervention expected in Syria?

We are in a strange expectation. At the beginning, we had the discussion of whether the U.S. would retreat from Syria or not. And now, the possibility of a U.S. intervention is on the agenda. I would say that this situation is not what our region des... more

What is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman saying?

As Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s (MBS) contacts in the U.S. continue, his interesting statements, television and magazine interviews are also coming through, one after the other. According to some, his statements are over his head,... more

New films on screen in the Gulf

I haven’t been writing or speaking about the Gulf for quite some time now. I am following the developments in an attempt to understand what might happen. The Gulf region, which is open to foreign winds – with what it possesses or what it is unable to... more

War, migration and poverty

War is not something normal. In history, neither a soldier nor a victorious commander has found war to be normal. Whatever the reason, war is, after all, playing with fire. Whether it be held directly or with tongs, it will certainly splatter around ... more

Can Vatican change the Jerusalem policy?

U.S. President Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital activated the world, but particularly the Muslim world. Surely, the most active leader in this process was none other than Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. As the term ... more

Kurdish politics in Syria, PYD and the Afrin operation

After the discussions of the Afrin operation started, the same things that were said about Operation Euphrates Shield and Idlib are now being repeated. In fact, some lobbies in Turkey started making comments as in the Barzani issue, which is now forg... more

Where is Suakin and what business does Turkey have there?

A couple of years ago, when presenting the declaration at the International Archive congress organized by the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archive, I heard some of my foreign colleagues in the hall start to mutter - and realized something was not right. As... more

The Muslim world is being tested with Jerusalem

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), founded to support the Palestinian cause, protect Jerusalem and stand against the tyranny of Israel after the arson in al-Aqsa on Aug. 21, 1996, has had many ordinary and extraordinary summits so far. Ye... more

To sow in Yemen and reap in Jerusalem

The Middle East’s most important agenda is U.S. President Donald Trump’s renewing support for the attempt to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital. What’s more critical is the provocation to do this on the 100th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire losing con... more

The role of the Turks and British in shaping Gulf history

How many books do we have on the Gulf and particularly on Saudi Arabia, which we have been frequently discussing as of late? How many dissertations have been written on the subject at our universities? The answer to these questions is embarrassing. W... more

Is there an internal showdown in Saudi Arabia?

While recent news from Saudi Arabia shows a change of mindset spread over time in the region, what happened this weekend revealed a completely different aspect of the issue. Mohammed bin Salman, who gained the status of first crown prince despite fam... more


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