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What will the future hold?

Only those who have experienced sleep paralysis will know of its effects. A few seconds in a state of this sleep almost consumes one’s life. Though not everyone might experience sleep paralysis, everyone dreams once in a while. Our world is currently going through such a phase, a time frame that resembles a nightmare. Whether it be sleep paralysis or a bad dream, they end as soon as we wake up. We are then confronted with our own reality. However, the dream continues to have an impact for some time longer. That bad dream is a lesson for some, entertainment for others and sometimes guidance for the future.

Our world experienced numerous disasters like Noah’s flood, and every time, it was eventually saved. This too shall pass. Soon, the whole world is going to awaken from this disaster that has encroached upon it like sleep paralysis. However, when that time comes, nothing will be as it used to. Or rather, it is not going to be like the modern world which we thought consumed all alternatives for the last century. It might take a long time for us to sense this, but the world is certainly going to change, and for good at that.

Look at the state of the world in the last month. Has it not been revealed that everything that was believed to be rock-solid is so weak that it cannot remain standing against a formidable enemy? Armies ready to invade the world have withdrawn to their barracks. Moguls, sports clubs and stadiums that have been drawing in millions of people weekly have locked their doors. International giants that required new figures to define their balance sheets and major airline companies that connected the world and turned it into a little village have thrown in the towel.

The UN, whose objective it is to establish international peace; NATO, the world’s biggest defense alliance that takes pride in possessing the latest war technology; and other international institutions that believe they are indispensable; the G7s that are competing against each other to become a world empire; the G20s that want to be like them, among many others, are all helpless in the face of a simple organism. I am not even mentioning the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which has been as quiet as a mouse. Everyone has failed.

Tyrannous powers are quiet, the rich have quailed, and all are buried in a deep doomsday silence. Whether rich or poor, weak or powerful, beautiful or unsightly, black or white, young or old, proud or humble, believer or infidel, everyone has unarmed and opened up their hands to the sky in prayer.

So, what will the future world look like?

People are starting to seek answers to this question.

International systems will change; the nation-states that globalization has been trying to eliminate are going to gain strength; the boundaries destroyed by modern technology are going to gain significance; and international competition is going to be replaced by international solidarity. The world’s center of gravity is going to change; of course, the superpowers of the present will be replaced by new ones. Regional organizations are going to gain greater significance than global ones.

In summary, everyone is going to withdraw and stay at home.

All these are arguments that have been repeated every decade for the last century. We need new ones, because all these answers are nothing other than the pursuit of false power, whose helplessness in the face of the current global threat has been clearly revealed, to restore itself.

Let us ask again: Who will the future belong to?

If a lesson can be derived from all this, the world is truly going to belong to those who sincerely turn their faces to the heavens. It will not be the world of those who believe they can control everything, those who compete with God on earth, and those who believe they can destroy all others with the state-of-the-art technology they have developed.

If a lesson can indeed be derived, the future is going to belong to those who believe that humankind was created for humans. The future will belong to those who stand against ambition, greed and crazy consumption habits and only want to make humans live. The war barons, who are partners with the devil, and the lying powers that are their puppets are also going to continue their existence; but they are going to live in a world that says, “The emperor has no clothes.” Of course, famine, drought and disease will persist, but the true identity of the false healers that bring us closer to death the more they treat us will also be revealed.

As long as we maintain our hope in “God’s mercy,” this too will pass. Let us also remember that mercy is dependent on reason. Let us know that He is the giver of life, but that He does this by means of the living.

The world will be re-established. The owners of this new world will be those who perceive humans as humans.


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