Why is Turkey at war? - ZEKERIYA KURŞUN

Why is Turkey at war?

Tensions at our border are not dying down. On the contrary, they are mounting with every passing minute. The scene is rife with panic. Of course, there is a myriad of “expert opinions” saying “I told you so.” These evaluations do not suit the language of politicians in parliament, who also allow the Turkish Armed Forces to operate outside the border.

Of course, Turkish soldiers falling martyr so unexpectedly wrenches our hearts apart. But let’s not forget this: no matter who says what or how they define the current events, Turkey is at war— and a great one at that.

Not with Assad, but with the great powers of the world to determine the region’s future.

Turkey is at war with those who started and abandoned the Arab Spring halfway through, with those who “change their spots” on the battle field everyday, and with those who sold out their allies.

It is at war with the U.S. and NATO which frequently visit Ankara and pledge support to Turkey with false promises, but fail to deliver.

Turkey is at war with Russia, which despite the Astana, Sochi and Ankara talks hasn’t changed its old ways of the Soviet era, which hasn’t been able to stomach its defeat against the West bloc, which still remains the prisoner of its legend of being reaching warm waters.

It is at war with Iran, which is Turkey’s neighbor one day, a Muslim country another, which pretends to be Ankara’s partner when it serves its purposes; it is at war with Saudi Arabia, which uses the Sunni belief as a shield for its dirty plots: and with Egypt who follows Saudi Arabia like sheep.

It is at war with Khalifa Haftar, who is the pawn of the United Arab Emirates (UAE); and with Israel, which is waiting ready in ambush in the East Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, all the parties in the Middle East and North Africa are at war with each other; it isn’t just Turkey.

A relentless battle continues between the butcher regimes who want to survive at all costs, and those who advocate for liberty, justice and living in dignity.

Well, who will be victorious?

Relatively everyone will try to reap results to protect their own borders and believe they have won no matter what their losses may be. However, the truth is a whole different story. Backed into a corner and unable to produce anything of novelty to sustain the world order, the West, which has failed to mend the cracks in the old system, took refuge years ago in the “clash of civilizations” poppycock. However, these claims and the formulas developed remained insufficient to cover up their cracks of civilization, and furthermore brought about the end of global domination. The West, which tried to resolve its own depression by creating universal depressions, failed in its mission.

NATO, of which Turkey is a member and a symbol of the West’s powers, is about to disintegrate, just like the EU, which we have spared no efforts in an attempt to become a member of.

Even the existence of the world’s most legitimate organization, the United Nations, has been opened up to debate.

Those who have been using these organizations to further their global sovereignty claims are putting forth the “clash of civilizations” ploy as a last ditch attempt. This is what the fire blazing in the middle of the Muslim region, which Turkey wants to extinguish, is all about.

The dirty laundry of those hypocritical systems which ousted Saddam illegitimately within a few months and Gaddafi within a few days, has been bared for everyone to see with their stance against Bashar al-Assad, the murderer of hundreds of thousands of people. This war will be the final test of the international system and the claims of global sovereignty.

Those who belong to the Islamic civilization will either quickly take action and save themselves from this ball of fire or perish in the flames altogether.

This war is being fought, not just to ensure Turkey’s security and to protect its interests and future.

This is the battle to end cruelty, to end the century-long exploitation, a battle to keep standing tall and maintain one’s existence. And this is why Turkey is currently engaging in a legitimate war.


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