Personal Data

Personal Data

An Explanation Text about Personal Data Protection and Data Processing

What Is ‘Personal Data’?

According to Article 3 of the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698, the term ‘personal data’ entails the information related to a natural person, whose identity is specified or specifiable. On our side, your personal data will be saved, preserved, updated and processed in accordance with the law and shared with third parties as far as the legislation permits. Our explanations regarding our personal data administration process are indicated in this text.

1. Information Text about Personal Data Processing

 As YENİ ŞAFAK GAZETECİLİK INC. (‘COMPANY’), with the title of Data Supervisor, according to the ‘Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) no. 6698’ and in the scope of Article 10 titled ‘Data Controller’s Obligation to Inform’ and Article 11 titled ‘Rights of Data Subject’ which are indicated in the LPPD, this ‘Information Text’ is presented to receive consent from you regarding the points indicated below and to give information to you about with what aim your personal data will be processed, with whom your processed personal data will be shared and for what purpose, the method of collecting your personal data and the legal reason for it, and about your rights indicated in Article 11 of the LPPD.

We put importance on protecting the confidentiality and the safety of your personal data that you provide us with. In accordance with this, we are taking necessary technical and administrative security precautions to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, damage, loss and against revelation.

2. Collecting and Processing Personal Data and the Aims of Processing Personal Data

As a company, with the title of Data Supervisor, in the scope of our legal responsibilities arising from the relevant legislation and with the aim of enabling our clients to benefit from our services, your personal data varies according to the service provided by the Company, the product or commercial activity. They can be collected in written and oral forms or electronically, with automatic or non-automatic methods by offices, branch offices, dealers, call centers, websites, social media channels, mobile applications, cookies and by other means. And within our Company’s activities, the data of suppliers, public enterprises and of our other addressees will be collected with the same methods to provide business processes required in our services. Your personal data will also be used in (CRM) customer relationship management for enhancing the quality of the services that we provide you with and for sales and marketing activities and in works such as Data Analysis applications and in our campaigns-subscriptions conducted through social media and through other channels. Your personal data can be processed by being generated and updated as long as you benefit from the products and the services of the Company. In addition to these, if you use our website or our call center with the aim of using the services of our Company, if you get a product and/or service from the institutions with which our Company has an agreement, if you visit our website or our Company or if you attend the organizations, surveys, trainings, fairs, seminars or the sweepstakes organized by our Company, your personal data can processed.

This personal data will be used, to enable you to benefit from the services that we provide as a Company, in relation to your direct consent, in situations indicated first of all in the legal legislation to which we are liable and in Article 5/p.2 of the LPPD, as long as they are compatible with the scope and aims of the Protection of Personal Data. This personal data will be processed by taking all the information safety precautions preserved over the course of the retention period or as long as the aim of the processing period requires. At the end of the required period decided by the aim of the processing period or in situations where your consent should be received for data processing, your personal data will be used. If you withdraw your consent, your personal data will not be used.

3. How do we collect which personal data ?

 Your personal data is collected in oral, written or electronic forms, for the aims indicated above, to provide services and products rendered by our Company compatible with the specified legal framework and to enable our Company to fulfill the responsibilities required by this agreement and the law in an accurate and complete way. The personal data collected because of this legal reason can be processed and transferred within the scope of the personal data processing provisions and aims indicated in the Article 5 and 6 of the LPPD, and also with the aims indicated in the Article no. (1) and no. (2) of this agreement.

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4. With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Data?

Your personal data will be shared with our affiliates, principal shareholder, our direct/indirect and domestic/foreign subsidiaries, in-network providers as required by our activities, suppliers, the sellers and departments with whom we have agreements, business associates, audit companies or with institutions and organizations that are authorized to get this data due to a legal obligation and with other authorities by taking the necessary precautions with your direct consent to carry out the activities of the Company, to provide our clients with services, opportunities and with chances, and to enhance the service quality, in situations indicated first of all in the legal legislation to which we are liable and in Article 5/p.2 of the LPPD, as part of the safety and confidentiality rules indicated in the LPPD.

5. What Are Your Rights?

 As the possessor of personal data, upon sending your requests to our Company, your requests related to your rights will be finalized with no charge through the methods regulated below in this Explanation Text by our Company at the latest in thirty days according to the features of your request. However, if any fee is set forth by the Personal Data Protection Board, the fee indicated by our Company in the price list will be requested.

In this scope, the possessor of the personal data has the rights to;

a) Find out whether their personal data is processed or not,

b) If their personal data is processed, request information about this,

c) Find out the aim of which of their personal data is being processed and whether or not their personal data have been used in accordance with this aim,

d) Know the global and domestic third parties, to which their personal data has been transferred,

e) Request a correction of their personal data in cases where there is some information lacking in it or some incorrect information,

f) Request their personal data to be deleted or destroyed,

g) If their personal data is collected, deleted or destroyed, request the notifications regarding these processes to be sent to third parties,

h) Object to the fact that results which may be detrimental to the possessor as a result of the analysis of their personal data with automatic systems and,

i) Request an elimination of the damages if harm is suffered resulting from illegal processing of their personal data.

If you are to create a request in the scope of this, according to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) no. 6698, the request should be in a written form. For this, with the documents defining your identity, you can hand in the application form, which is provided by our Company on the website (
and which would include the explanations regarding yourself, in person or through a notary or with other methods indicated in the LPPD to the address: YENİ ŞAFAK GAZETECİLİK A.Ş. –Maltepe Mahallesi Fetih Caddesi No:6 Dk:4 34010 Topkapı-Zeytinburnu /İstanbul. Or you can also send the relevant document to the address with your secure electronic signature. Up-to-date information of the Data Supervisor Company can always be obtained from the Data Registry Information System (VERBİS).

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Personal Data


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