Automotive market in Turkey grows in October

10.5 percent rise in automotive market is seen as 91,752 vehicles sold in Oct. 2017

Anadolu Agency

The automobile and light commercial vehicle market in Turkey grew by 10.5 percent in October compared to the same period last year, the Automotive Distributors’ Association said Thursday.

The association said 91,752 vehicles were sold this October, compared to 83,000 vehicles last October.

Some 70,488 automobile were sold this October, compared to 63,746 automobiles last October.

Also, 21,264 light commercial vehicles were sold this October, compared to 19,254 last October.

In the Jan-Oct term 719,095 vehicles -- including automobiles and light commercial vehicles -- were sold in Turkey. The figure for 2016 was 719,499. So the total market narrowed by 0.06 percent for this term.

In addition, by late October, 49 electric cars and 3,252 hybrid cars were sold in Turkey.

Hayri Erce, general coordinator of the association said Thursday, that the automotive sector's total market figure in 2018 in Turkey is estimated between 950,000-1 million units.


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