‘Made in Turkey’ to rule the world

Turkey’s Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi says the winds of Turkey will soon blow across the world

Editor / Internet Yeni Şafak

Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi announced in a written statement that the “Regulations on the Establishment and Assignments of Turkey’s Promotional Group” has today been published in the Official Gazette, and has been implemented.

The promotional activities of exports, which have been ongoing with independent strategies, budgets and priorities with 15 different promotional groups for many years, will now be carried out with collaboration, rationality and strategy under one name: Turkey’s Promotional Group (TTG), Zeybekçi said.

“Globalization is a concept that leads competition to maximize, as well as converging the world economies. Contrary to belief, global competition is not only among companies. Today, the companies and economies which cannot be backed by its country’s image fail. Therefore, global competition is also important in terms of promotion. The TTG, which we have established to this end, will be an active element that brings all export and manufacturing components together, where the promotional activities will be planned within the framework of rationality.”

Zeybekçi pointed out that Turkey will not move on in passive manner that shapes its strategies according to other countries’ patterns, and that they aim to create a new active Turkey which will determine consumption habits, fashion and trends at all stages of manufacture.

“A wind of Turkey will blow across the world in the forthcoming period,” Zeybekçi added.

“We will bring our industries, brands, achievements and ambition into view everywhere, particularly in our cultural geography, thanks to our magnificent and ancient culture, art and values. Supported by a wind of regular and continuous production, and an image which is based on a strategy, our export and the foreign investments, which are expected to increase, will have a pioneering role for the country’s economy, and contribute to the realization of Turkey’s real potential. Our effort is that any consumer from all corners of the world who purchases a product sees the inscription: 'Made in Turkey.'”