Saudi Arabia to invest $500 million in Turkey's real estate

Saudi real estate company announces it will invest $500 million in two new real estate projects in Istanbul; $120 billion return expected

Ersin Çelik
14:48 . 29/04/2016 Cuma
Yeni Şafak

The real estate sector in Turkey continues to attract foreign investors, such as Saudi-based Akzirve Gayrımenkül. The company will launch two new projects in the real estate sector in Istanbul.

Akzirve Gayrımenkül is a sub company of Saudi Arabia's Al-Qemam Holding.

The $500 million construction project investments in Istanbul's Bahçeşehir and Zeytinburnu districts are expected to earn $120 billion, according to AKzirve Gayrimenkül's CEO İbrahim Maasfeh.

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