Trendyol named Türkiye's e-export champion

Turkish e-commerce platform Trendyol promotes "Made in Türkiye" products globally through its technological and production capabilities, and quality human resources

14:49 - 9/06/2024 Pazar
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Turkish e-commerce platform Trendyol on Sunday won the 'e-export' category at the "Export Champions Award Ceremony" organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM).

Highlighting the significance of TİM's inaugural e-export award, Trendyol Group President Caglayan Cetin said it reflects the organization's emphasis on digitalization.

“With the strength derived from Türkiye's ecosystem, Trendyol has become one of the top five technology companies in Europe and the Middle East and the e-export champion of our nation. This award truly belongs to Trendyol's young engineers, who create groundbreaking technologies, and to Turkish producers, whose products enable this export success,” he said.

Cetin also emphasized the pride in promoting "Made in Türkiye" products globally through Trendyol's technological and production capabilities and quality human resources.

He noted the role of their e-export initiatives in digitizing producers, craftsmen, and SMEs, extending their reach across borders to millions of customers.

“Trendyol has introduced 70,000 SMEs to export, with over 90,000 exporters in total. Our goal is to enable all of our 300,000 sellers to engage in e-export. We will continue to unlock Türkiye's cross-border trade potential through e-export,” Cetin said.

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