Turkish Airlines sets new bar in international travel capacity

Turkish flag carrier became 'world's biggest network carrier' in terms of seat capacity on international flights in August

16:37 . 10/09/2022 Saturday
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Turkish Airlines became “the world’s biggest network carrier” in terms of seat capacity on international routes in August, the Turkish flag carrier said on Saturday.

The airline increased its seat capacity by 14% in August compared to 2019, according to a statement.

The number of passengers on Turkish Airlines flights in July and August topped pre-pandemic levels, reaching 7.8 million.

Ahmet Bolat, chairman of Turkish Airlines’ board and executive committee, praised the company’s success in increasing its available seat kilometers (ASK), a measure of passenger carrying capacity, on international routes and overall passenger figures.

“As of August, we became the world’s biggest network carrier when it comes to available seat capacity on international flights,” he said.

Established in 1933, Turkish Airlines flies to 340 destinations in 129 countries with a fleet of 388 aircraft.

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