Türkiye attracts foreign direct investment worth $2.8B in first 4 months

UK and US main investment sources for Türkiye in April

16:35 - 10/06/2024 Monday
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Türkiye attracted foreign direct investment (FDI) totaling $2.8 billion in the first four months of this year, an investment association announced on Monday.

The International Investors Association (Yased) said the country also attracted FDI worth $1.28 billion in April.

In April, $477 million was for investment capital, $452 million for real estate investment, $353 million for debt instruments, and $262 million for wholesale and retail trade, the group said.

It noted: "While the wholesale and retail trade sector continued to outperform its performance in the previous period, the information and communication sector attracted 12% of investment capital inflows in the same month.

"Manufacture of computers, electrical-electronic and optical products (5%) and manufacture of transportation vehicles (4%) were the other sectors that attracted the most investments."

In April, the UK was the main source for FDI with $134 million or a 28% share, followed by the US.

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