Türkiye imposes $14.8M fine on Google

Competition authority suspends fine of 0.05% of 2023 revenues for each day on May 21

13:23 - 10/06/2024 Monday
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The Turkish Competition Board announced on Monday that it had imposed a fine of 482 million liras ($14.8 million) on Google for failing to fulfill its obligations on hotel search.

Temporary fines on Google in local search services investigation have been suspended as of May 21, the Turkish Competition Board noted.

"Google was fined a total of 482 million liras ($14.8 million) for the period it did not implement the precautionary measures suggested for hotel search," it said.

Last month, the competition authority announced that starting from April 15, Google would be subject to an administrative fine of 0.05% of its 2023 revenues for each day until it fulfills its obligations in accordance with the decision on local search services in terms of hotel inquiries.

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