S-400s to be stationed in Turkey’s east and west

S-400s to be stationed in Turkey’s east and west

Turkey and Russia have come to an agreement regarding the S-400 defense systems.

News Service Yeni Şafak

The first phase is the shipping of the two S-4oo missiles from Russia to Turkey. One system will be deployed in Turkey’s east against possible threats from Syria and Iran, and the other in the west against a Greek threat. The new S-400s will be manufactured in Turkey.


Turkey put forward a bilateral model due to balance policies in its requirement for a long-range air defense system. The partnership agreement was signed with NATO members France and Italy in order to meet the requirement which costs billions of dollars with domestic manufacture. In the meantime, Turkey came to an agreement with Russia for the direct procurement regarding this urgent necessity. Technology transfer was also considered in the agreement with Russia. As per the two-stage agreement with Russia, Turkey will purchase two S-400 missiles directly, and the other two missile launchers will be manufactured in Turkey with a technology transfer. The first S-400 shipment from Russia is expected in 2018.


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