'Cancer patients can safely get CoronaVac vaccine'

'Cancer patients can safely get CoronaVac vaccine'

CoronaVac vaccine does not pose risk to cancer patients, says Turkish doctor

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China’s CoronaVac vaccine, which is being administered against the novel coronavirus in Turkey, does not pose a risk for cancer patients, a Turkish doctor said on Tuesday.

Timucin Cil, the research associate at the Medical Oncology Clinic in Adana Training and Research Hospital, said that cancer patients are among the risk groups of the novel coronavirus.

"Cancer patients can safely get the inactivated vaccine. It is very safe and does not pose a risk to them. Its implementation is clearly recommended by all guidelines around the world," Cil said.

"CoronaVac vaccine can be used safely. The flu vaccines we use are also inactivated vaccines. It poses no risk to cancer patients," he added.

Noting that CoronaVac, an “inactivated vaccine,” is being used in Turkey, Cil said: "We know that it is a suitable vaccination method for cancer patients. We now know that the American Cancer Society, the European Society for Medical Oncology and Turkish Society of Medical Oncology clearly suggest the vaccination. All cancer patients must be vaccinated."

He also underlined that there are two groups of cancer patients. The first is the patients who are not receiving any active treatment, and these patients must be vaccinated immediately when their turn comes.

The second patient group is of those who receive active treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, he added.

"These patients also need to get vaccinated, but when the immune system is suppressed during the chemotherapy, their oncologists’ opinion have to be taken into consideration before the vaccination," Cil said.

He said that cancer patients over the age of 85 are being vaccinated in line with the Health Ministry’s vaccination program.


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