Guinness World Records releases 2018 book, unveiling longest eyelashes

The book covers record breakers from the world’s longest nails to tails

Editor / Internet Yeni Şafak

Guinness World Records, the international authority for record-breaking, on Thursday released its 2018 book, disclosing the world’s most unusual achievements. Some of the recent Guinness World Records entries stand out for their length, as in the case of You Jianxia, a Chinese woman who holds the record for the longest eyelashes.

You’s upper left eyelashes reach her cheek, with a length of 12.4 centimeters. She first realized her extraordinary situation when her eyelashes on her left eyelid started growing during an eighteen month nature retreat in 2013.

Another Guinness World Records holder, Ayanna Williams, is famous for her long nails, which stretch to a total of 576.4 centimeters.

Williams uses anti-bacterial soap and a nail brush to keep her nails clean daily. It is not so difficult to perform her everyday tasks, except for pulling up her trousers, she says.

As for our fluffy friends, a cat from Michigan holds the title for the longest tail on a house cat. Cygnus swings into the Guinness World Records with his tail measuring 44.66 centimeters.

Another cat Arcturus Aldebaran Powers is in listed in the records book as the world’s tallest living house cat, measuring 48.4 centimeters.