Turkey's AFKEN project wins UN Public Services award

The Sheltering Center Management System, or AFKEN, project in Turkey wins the best project award for Improving the Delivery of Public Service given by the UNDESA

Ersin Çelik
18:35 - 7/05/2015 Thursday
Update: 18:48 - 7/05/2015 Thursday
Yeni Şafak

The Provisional Urban Disaster Management System, or AFKEN, a project developed by the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, or AFAD, was awarded first place in the United Nations Public Service Awards 2015 provided by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, or UNDESA.

The project secured to win the first place along with a project from Azerbaijan in the Western Asian region under the category of Improving the Delivery of Public Services.

The AFKEN project operates and observes all the administrative work and operations in sheltering centers in Turkey. The project also proposed to monitor and govern the management of temporary settlement facilities, such as container cities or tent cities that will be built for the displaced people who seek temporary shelters. The project aims to coordinate the cooperation between different public institutions and organizations as well as NGO's and Universities in the country.

The project is still successfully monitoring and providing several basic services in the refugee tents established for the Syrian refuges in the southeastern Turkish provinces.

The project monitors all of the public administration process in sheltering centers through a central monitoring system.

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