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Turkish company develops consistent solution for peripheral arterial disease

System cuts, removes plaque that has accumulated in vessels causing blockage, says INVAMED

10:53 . 3/02/2023 Friday
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The TemREN Atherectomy System, which was developed by a Turkish medical company, provides a consistent solution for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease.

The system cuts and removes plaque that has accumulated in the vessels and causes blockage over time, the New York-based manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, INVAMED, said in a statement Wednesday.

Nearly 200,000 patients, especially those older than 50, are diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in Türkiye, said INVAMED.

PAD in the legs or lower extremities is the narrowing or blockage of vessels that carry blood from the heart to the legs.

If PAD is not treated, the disease can progress and affect the health of the patient by causing serious tissue damage due to insufficient blood flow.

TemREN is used to prepare the lesion area for balloon angioplasty and to relieve the heavy plaque load from atherosclerotic lesions, INVAMED said on its website.

Thanks to its easily adjustable rotational mobility and flawless structure that does not harm organic tissue, TemREN Atherectomy System provides surgeons with a safe field of use.

And because of it, TemREN helps to achieve the maximum lumen diameter for stent and balloon procedures.

In studies conducted, it was proven that patients who underwent TemREN atherectomy achieved an average of 96% technical success.

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