Turkish restaurant named China’s best new diner

Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse was opened in China’s southern Shenzhen city 10 months ago

Anadolu Agency

A Turkish steakhouse restaurant in southern China has been named as the “New Restaurant of the Year” in a competition held by the country's online magazine Thatsmag.

Thousands of people voted through Wechat for a month to choose their favorite restaurants as part of "That’s PRD Food and Drink" competition.

“Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse”, run by Turkish businessman Birol Dincli in Shenzhen city in southern China, was picked as the New Restaurant of the Year.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Dincli, who has worked as a chef and ran hotels in various countries for years, said that cooking was his family job.

Dincli, who opened the restaurant 10 months ago, believed that his restaurant contributes to the promotion of Turkish cuisine in China.

"Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse is a big contribution to the promotion of our country," he said.


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