UK appoints ‘diplocat’ Lawrence of Abdoun to Jordan embassy

A black and white tomcat scored a position as a top embassy official as UK’s first overseas chief mouser

Editor / Internet Yeni Şafak

Dubbed “diplocat,” Lawrence of Abdoun has been appointed by the British Embassy in Jordan. The former black and white rescue cat reports to Palmerston, another cat who is the chief mouser at the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Their duties include keeping the embassy free from mice and posting on Twitter about their work. Lawrence tweets under the name “LawrenceDipCat” and has over 6,000 followers.

The name of Jordan’s diplocat is a combination of Lawrence, a British officer who fought alongside Arabs during World War I, and Abdoun, the neighborhood of Amaan where the embassy is located.

UK’s diplomatic feline submits first report
Yeni Şafak

UK’s diplomatic feline submits first report

Lawrence of Abdoun tells Palmerston, the chief mouser at the UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office, that he has held briefing sessions with the ambassador, and that he believes they will “work well together." Lawrence says he is also planning some trips out of the city to “get to know Jordan." Lawrence is the first diplocat to be appointed by the British Embassy in Jordan.

Lawrence of Abdoun was quickly exposed to the perils of social media when he was called out for being slightly chubby.

“He’s been a bit upset because some people have said he looks a bit fat, so he’ll be doing some exercises and posting to sort of rectify the situation,” Deputy Ambassador Laura Dauban said.

Dauban added that through Lawrence’s social media presence, the embassy sought to show Jordan in a different light and portray “what it is really like, a peaceful, prosperous country.”

Since 1924, the British prime ministry has been appointing cats to catch mice. The expenses of the cats are covered by the state.


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