49 drills in 6 months: Turkish Military engage in extensive training activities

In a span of half a year, the Turkish Armed Forces, commonly referred to as "Mehmetçik," have actively participated in a series of exercises both on domestic soil and international arenas over the course of six months.

16:51 - 11/08/2023 Cuma
Yeni Şafak
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Across the initial six months of this year, the Turkish Armed Forces have been active participants in a total of 7 national, 5 proprietary, 14 NATO, and 23 invitational drills. The efficacy of the Turkish Armed Forces has been showcased through their adept involvement in these exercises, spotlighting their operational dexterity and skill. Beyond the execution of these drills, the forces provided crucial support to the training initiatives of friendly and allied armies.

The momentum is set to continue in the latter half of the year, with the Turkish Armed Forces gearing up to participate in upcoming exercises. Noteworthy among these are the "Determination 2023 Exercise" scheduled from September 18th to 22nd, the "Eastern Mediterranean Exercise" slated for November 17th to 25th, and the "Nusret Exercise" to be held between November 28th and December 6th.

Additionally, the "Steadfast Jackal 23 Exercise" application phase is planned to take place in Spain from November 27th to December 7th, while the "Steadfast Jupiter 23 Exercise" application phase is earmarked for Germany from October 30th to November 12th.

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