711 PKK terrorists killed in southeastern Turkey

With recent killings the number of terrorists neutralized reached 446 in Cizre, 145 in Silopi and 120 in Sur, according to a statement issued by the Turkish military on Saturday

Ersin Çelik
16:51 - 24/01/2016 Sunday
Update: 15:10 - 24/01/2016 Sunday
Yeni Şafak

The Turkish military said more members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) had been killed in southeastern Turkey.

Recently, nine terrorist were killed in Cizre, a town of Şırnak province, while three others were killed in Silopi, in Şırnak, and five others in Sur, Diyarbaıir.

Also, a large amount of ammunition was seized during the operations in the three towns.

Thirteen hand-made explosives have been destroyed, while two Kalashnikov rifles, five Kalashnikov rifle magazines, 415 pieces of various types and quantities of small arms cartridges, three pistols, 28 shotguns, 235 shotgun cartridges, 58 scrimmage vests, three digital cameras, three hand-held radios, two mobile phones, three laptops, two gas masks, three batteries, 50 kilograms of ammonium nitrate, 30 centimeters of detonating cord and a large amount of medical material was seized during the operation in Cizre.

In Sur, a hand-made explosive was destroyed and a shotgun was seized while other hand-made explosives, located on the road, were also found by the security forces.

Turkey has been fighting against the PKK to rescue cities from militants by declaring curfews and launching operations in the southeastern region of Turkey.

More than 200 personnel belonging to security forces have been martyred and over 3,100 PKK terrorists were killed in 2015 alone.

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